Prime Minister Beata Szydło on the first year of PIS’s government: the greatest achievement – implementation of Poles’ programme

We were able to address to ordinary people, we were able to show that Poles may live in dignity, may feel safe – the Prime Minister Beata Szydło said on Monday summarizing the first year of PIS’s government in an interview for TVP.  The Prime Minister identified Family 500+ and Housing+ programmes as the change of the governance quality and she noted that currently it is time for economy.

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Photo: P. Tracz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

The government’s programme is opened for the ordinary Poles’ needs

Within one year, we achieved more then our predecessors – PO-PSL – did in eight years. These solutions were addressed to ordinary people – the Prime Minister said in the Dziś wieczorem programme in TVP Info. As underlined by the head of the government, already at the stage of campaign Law and Justice Party listened to the Poles’ needs which results in the ongoing programme. We demonstrated that Poles may live in dignity and feel safe – she stated. She also added that her government could have done more and more rapidly but she did not have a sense of failure. I have the feeling that not only the government but also all Law and Justice Party have worked honestly and according to the schedule for the last year – the Prime Minister noted in TVP Info.

Actions to support the family

The Prime Minister Beata Szydło reminded that the family which received different types of system support was the priority of government’s actions in the last year. Among the major achievements of her government, the Prime Minister listed the initiatives equalizing opportunities and the quality of Poles’ life. These include Family 500+, Housing+ programmes, increase of the minimum wage and pension or, finally, free medicines for seniors.

Simple and fair tax system

The Prime Minister stated that her government would focus on the implementation of the economy programme in the coming months. The Responsible Development Plan is already completed. The decision related to the single tax will be taken until the end of the year – she said. The head of the government, when asked, among others, about the commitment made during the election campaign regarding increase of the tax-free amount, emphasised that the President Andrzej Duda had fulfilled his electoral commitments and had submitted the adequate draft law. We want to introduce the increase of the tax-free amount, we have to do this because the Constitutional Tribunal actually ruled so and, obviously, we will fulfill our commitments – the Prime Minister declared.

She added that the government wanted to try other solution that introduces simple and fair taxes. The fairness in the tax system relates to the progressive tax that actually addresses the situation present in Poland: those who have a low income pay relatively higher taxes that people who have a higher income – the Prime Minister Beata Szydło emphasised.

She also emphasised that the government did not intend to increase the taxes. We talk about the progressive taxes to eliminate these differences – the Prime Minister addend. As she reminded, the government was currently working on a single tax. We will announce the decision on the introduction of the single tax until the end of the year – the Prime Minister said.

She also added that the decision concerning this matter would be made within the next few days and that the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers headed by the Deputy Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, and the Minister Henryk Kowalczyk performed the final analysis and calculations. These analysis will show if this tax is introduced or not – the Prime Minister stated. She emphasised that by building the project of the single tax the government must take care that it had not the negative impact on the entrepreneurs, so that entrepreneurs were not affected by the additional burden. Therefore, we prefer to step back and work more on this before we demonstrate these solutions – she added.

The reform of education and changes in the health care

The reform of education foreseen and prepared by the Minister Anna Zalewska, as well as changes in the health care upon which the Minister Konstanty Radziwiłł is working will be the new challenges for the government – the Prime Minister declared in the interview for TVP Info.

The head of the government reminded that the Sejm had already received the draft changes in education and the Minister of Health announced that he would complete the work on changes in health care by the end of the year.

The most important line of the healthcare reform foresees that patients have quick and safe access to the physician – the Prime Minister said. She emphasised that her reforms should result in elimination of NHF and the measures that would be directed to the public health care would be under the supervision of the Minister of Health and they would be allocated to certain health facilities in the voivodeship.

The head of the government emphasised that the coverage of all citizens by this system would be one of the elements of changes in the health care system. The primary health care would also be remodelled.

The aim is that the patient who goes to his/her physician – there are some tests and then it occurs that the hospital care is necessary – after this hospital treatment have the whole treatment and rehabilitation path planned – Szydło said. The hospital network will be also changed – in each poviat there will be a hospital facility adequately ensuring patient’s treatment. We are also aware that we are obliged to indicate those centres in which the specialised treatment will be carried out – the Prime Minister added.

The school is to be safe and good, it should teach and educate – this is our goal – the Prime Minister stressed. She also ensured that in case of the reform of education, her government considered the citizens’ postulates, unlike their predecessors did. We listen to these postulates and this is the reason why we decided to implement the reform which, on the one hand, ensures the system change as the eight-year primary school and four-year secondary school and, what is even more important, business schools which prepare to a given profession will be established. On the other hand, a new core curriculum – the Prime Minister announced. According to the plan, the reform will be introduced on 1 September 2017. The Prime Minister noted that the government responded to the parents’ concerns and consulted the educational reform. She also called for the school to be free of politics and to be engaged in the education of young people.

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