Prime Minister Beata Szydło on politics, economy and family businesses during the Economic Forum

When we decided to introduce the 500+ programme, we took a risk. As it turned out, we were right. Expenditure on benefits is paying for itself, and the economy profits from the programme already – stated Prime Minister Beata Szydło during the panel discussion at the Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdrój.

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Photo: P. Tracz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Family at the heart of the government’s philosophy

The Prime Minister Beata Szydło began her speech delivered during the panel entitled How to transform a family business into an international giant? by describing what inspires her. She spoke inter alia about small businesses and experiences of the members of her family who work in the mining sector. The Prime Minister stressed the importance of building an appropriate work ethics and the values associated with it.

Today the government implements a very clearly defined policy. A policy focusing on the family and on providing her with broadly understood support – stated the head of the government. She referred to the Family 500+ programme, which symbolises a certain philosophy. This philosophy also encompasses the issues related to the development of family businesses.

According to the Prime Minister numerous young people, when asked about their plans for the future, declare that they would like to create firms which in the future could become family businesses. The Prime Minister also reminded that one of the goals outlined in the government programme consists in ensuring that small firms become bigger, larger firms – even larger, and the largest firms become the champions capable of conquering global markets. These goals are realised under the Responsible Development Plan.

Polish economy grows. The unemployment rate is at an all time low. Owing to the tightening of the fiscal system, the budget is in an excellent condition. We are happy that the relevant indicators continue to improve – stressed Beata Szydło. The head of the government indicated that Moody’s agency confirmed its forecasts concerning the expected GDP growth this year. According to the estimates of this rating agency the results of the Polish economy in the 2nd quarter of 2017 turned out to be better than expected, which led Moody’s to substantially revise its projections concerning the rate of economic growth for the entire year 2017 from 3.2 % to 4.3 %. In Prime Minister’s view good economic results are the key to effective combining of social and economic programmes.

Safe development of family businesses

The government carries out numerous programmes which act as the driving force of the Polish economy. The Prime Minister declared that currently – in a favourable economic situation – one needs to focus on what needs to be done to ensure further economic growth. Finding the instruments which will make it possible is one of the challenges which the government needs to face. If we focus on developing and supporting competitive Polish companies, I think we will be able to feel safe. Our perspectives will be good – the head of the government stated. We want to build a country which provides Polish firms with an opportunity to develop and support the economy, but which also makes it possible for them to compete with one another and spread their activity across the borders – she added.

In order to adapt programmes to make them focus more on the development of the country, we need to listen to entrepreneurs who possess practical experience in this regard. The Prime Minister stated that: safe development of family businesses is important both for me and for the government, but most importantly it is important for Poland.

Government programmes as the driving force of the economy

When we decided to introduce the 500+ programme, we took a risk. As it turned out, we were right. Expenditure on benefits is paying for itself, and the economy profits from the programme already – the head of the government informed during the panel entitled Politics. Focus on values or interests?. The Prime Minister stated that the analysis prepared already before the elections indicated clearly that by creating additional opportunities for the Polish family and by supporting it one will be able to solve numerous other problems.

This was not an easy decision to make, since we had to ask ourselves from where the required amount of PLN 17 billion will come from. From the political point of view, this project seemed impossible to carry out, but everything we have done within the government and the budget was subordinated to this single goal – the Prime Minister emphasised. She stated that the costs incurred to achieve this goal were supposed to yield twice their amount in profits – not only by affecting the amount of taxes flowing into the budget and by boosting consumption, but most importantly due to the fact that an investment in family and the young generation would exert enormous impacts in the long term. In the Prime Minister’s view the young generation is the greatest capital which Poland has at its disposal and she considers it her duty as the Polish Prime Minister to adequately invest in this capital.

Prime Minister Beata Szydło also stressed that Europe needs to abide by certain principles and to establish a common canon of values which will act as foundation in the process of building a community.

Politics according to Prime Minister Beata Szydło

In response to a question concerning the role of politics in her life, the Prime Minister stated that she ponders on the answer to this question every morning. Politics fills practically every minute of my life – the head of the government declared. If we define politics as working for the benefit of the community in which one lives – then politics is an extraordinary and wonderful thing. This is the goal which every politician should strive to achieve – she stated. In Prime Minister’s view, it is a good thing when politicians are passionate about politics. However, according to Beata Szydło, when politics becomes a routine and begins to be treated only as a means to achieve one’s personal goals and to develop one’s political career, problems start to arise.

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