Prime Minister Beata Szydło: It is a good day for the Polish economy

The Tauron Group not only develops itself and offers new jobs, but also implements investments providing development opportunities for the region and the entire Polish economy, stated Prime Minister Beata Szydło during the ceremony of transferring the construction site of the Grzegorz mining shaft in Jaworzno.

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Photo: P. Tracz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

During the visit of the Prime Minister, the axis of the shaft was symbolically delimited by throwing a hat, which was then pierced to the ground by a flagpole in the place of the future drilling.

Investment for many years to come

Thanks to such investments as the “Grzegorz” mining shaft, the Sobieski mine will be able to develop during the next decades, said the Prime Minister. She stated that she remembered the times when it had been said that the Polish mining was beyond help. However, today is a good day for the Polish economy due to the initiation of another investment at the Tauron Group, stressed Beata Szydło. The Sobieski mine belongs to Tauron Wydobycie. According to information provided by Tauron, coal extraction using the new Grzegorz shaft at the Sobieski mine is to begin in 2023. The total value of the project will amount to approximately PLN 550 million.

The Prime Minister believes that it will not only be a good investment for Jaworzno, but also a benefit for the entire region and the Polish economy. She added that this was provided for in the Responsible Development Strategy.

Government strategy

In the opinion of Prime Minister Beata Szydło, it is a smart strategy for development and the Polish energy and mining sector. Many claimed that the time for the Polish mining has already gone, but my government initiated very ambitious and difficult reforms. According to the Prime Minister, the Grzegorz mining shaft is an example showing that new investments and already pending projects will allow the Sobieski mine to further develop in the next decades.

Today we are one of the most dynamically developing countries in the European Union. A country which creates new jobs and has new ideas, said the Prime Minister. She added that the government wanted to carry out the investments which not only secure the Polish economy, but also make it more competitive and expansive.

The Prime Minister emphasized that she wanted the Polish mining to be prospective and modern, but also to serve an example of mining using modern technologies.

Reconstruction of the Polish mining sector

The very difficult situation of the Polish mines in the previous years presented huge challenges for the government of Prime Minister Beata Szydło. An aid programme for the hard coal mining sector for 2016-2018 was prepared and approved by the European Commission. The implemented activities resulted in the mining sector having recorded a net profit exceeding PLN 1.5 billion in the first half of the year, following a losses amounting to several billion zlotys in the previous years.

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