Prime Minister Beata Szydło introduced the Chairperson of the Reprivatisation Commission

Prime Minister BeataSzydło handed Deputy Minister of Justice, Patryk Jaki, his appointment as Chairperson of the Reprivatisation Verification Commission which will examine the reprivatisation scandal in Warsaw.

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Photo: Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Today we are beginning the hard work that needs to correct the injustice of thousands of people, – said the Prime Minister Beata Szydło, congratulating and wishing the newly appointed Chairman and the entire Commission good luck in this difficult matter. On the conference with the participation of Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro and Deputy Minister Patryk Jaki, the Prime Minister expressed hope that justice would be restored and the damage caused would be compensated.

We say “Enough!” to injustice

The Prime Minister recalled the objective that was set during the establishment of the Commission. For many years, under the leadership of state bodies and officials, an unbelievable practise of robbing people of their property was carried on. Because of this wild reprivatisation people lost their properties, apartments, all that earned with their hard work in their entire life. And it’s time to say "Enough!" to this injustice. It’s time to stop hurting people, she said.

The Prime Minister recalled the promise of effective restoration of the state to citizens. Those who are honest – said the Prime Minister Szydło – need to know that the state will be on their side. Those that are not honest, loot others and use the methods of violation of the law in order to achieve their own benefits and to destroy the achievements of others should know that the state will always strictly seek to hold them accountable for their actions, she said.

Restoring justice

Prime Minister Beata Szydło noted that the appointed Verification Commission is to restore  people’s sense of security. All the citizens have been waiting for it, she said. According to the head of government, the new Chairman Patryk Jaki has a difficult task to do that will require determination, perseverance and hard work. The Prime Minister firmly stressed that the task of the Polish government is to restore  justice to people, restore their faith in the Polish state. We took on this task and consistently carry it out, she said.

The Prime Minister expressed her hope for successful work on the liquidation of consequences of legal reprivatisation decisions regarding properties in Warsaw, issued in violation of ownership rights. I deeply believe that Minister Partyk Jaki will  rise to this challenge, and at the end of the Commission's works we will be able to say that justice was restored, and the damage caused was compensated – said the head of government.

Winning with the reprivatisation mafia

Chairman Patryk Jaki stressed that he considers the work of the Commission as one of the most important tasks. One’s private apartment gives a sense of security. The Polish state pretended that nothing happened. We do our utmost to show that we raised the state from its knees and that the state can win with an organized criminal group and the reprivatisation mafia, he said. He also called for filing motions that the Reprivatisation Verification Commission would examine specific properties taken over in violation of the law.

The Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro, who was present at the conference, stressed that mayor of the capital city, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, should be the first one interested in appearing before the Reprivatisation Verification Commission.

On May 5, the Act creating the Commission which will examine the legality of administrative decisions on reprivatisation of properties in the capital city entered into force. The Commission's work will be open.

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