Prime Minister Beata Szydło in Krynica-Zdrój: Development is the highest priority of the Polish Government

Economic patriotism, meaning promoting Poland through economy and industry – there is no better form of promotion, said Prime Minister Beata Szydło when opening the discussion panel “The Global Champions of Poland” at the Economic Forum in Krynica.

Photo: P. Tracz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Economic patriotism

According to the head of government, economic patriotism means promoting Poland through economy and industry. It is the canvas for thinking about development. The Prime Minister underlined that the effort made by small enterprises in order to become enterprises on a global scale is the best form of promotion for Poland. Your aim to become successful and to make this economic patriotism come true, added Beata Szydło.

Enterprise support mechanism

The Prime Minister Beata Szydło underlined that the creation by the Government of convenient conditions for the functioning of small, medium-sized and large enterprises in the world markets would be a mutual success and removing obstacles for enterprises is one of the aims of her Government.  

The Responsible Development Plan which was prepared and is coordinated by the Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, is multi-faceted and touches upon different areas. Its diversity and multi-faceted nature gives a chance to everyone who has got an idea, a project, who wants to act, said the Prime Minister. Moreover, the head of government noted that the State has to create good conditions and atmosphere for entrepreneurship.

The Prime Minister argued that development is the highest priority of the Polish Government. Our future and the position of Poland not only as a European, but as a world champion depend on it, she added. Our citizens’ success and the functioning of our country depend on it, said Beata Szydło.

Development of Polish enterprises

The Prime Minister underlined that the state of a country’s economy determines its strength. We want the Polish economy to develop faster, better and to give opportunities, said the head of government.

The Prime Minister added that the Minister Paweł Szałamacha is working on the change of attitude to enterprises and to the Polish economy so as not to unnecessarily inhibit their growth. The Minister of Finance and the Minister of Regional Development have to make an effort to increase development, to help small enterprises become medium-sized enterprises, to help medium-sized enterprises become large enterprises and to help large enterprises to be well-known all over the world, said the Prime Minister Beata Szydło and also wished all the best to all entrepreneurs. It is because the success of Poland depends on how quickly you succeed and how much you succeed, said the Prime Minister.

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