Prime Minister Beata Szydło in Kraków: Cybersecurity is a priority for the government

The Prime Minister took part in the 3rd European Cybersecurity Forum - CYBERSEC in Krakow.

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Photo: P. Tracz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister thanked for the possibility to participate in another edition of the Cybersecurity Forum which is one of major events in Poland aimed at ensuring the best possible security in cyberspace.

I am here with you, because I consider cybersecurity issues to be the greatest challenges for today’s world. It is a matter of economy, security and stability, said the Prime Minister. She added that more and more governments and leaders perceived cybersecurity as a priority issue. We are starting not only to talk about it, but also to implement solutions to make the world a safer place, said Beata Szydło.

Actions of the government for cybersecurity

The Polish government focuses in particular on ensuring that Poles feel and are safe in their country. To guarantee their security, we undertook a number of initiatives, said the Prime Minister. In her opinion, development of cyberspace is accompanied by growth of cybercrime or cyberterrorism. Therefore, this area should be of particular interest for the state.

Prime Minister Beata Szydło emphasized that cybersecurity is the area requiring coordination, cooperation and synergy between numerous entities: state authorities, enterprises, but also citizens. She ensured that all actions by the Polish government were implemented to tackle the challenges of the contemporary world.

She added that international cooperation was extremely important as well. Thanks to the commitment of the Polish government, Minister of Digital Affairs Anna Streżyńska and Government Plenipotentiary for the Single Digital Market Krzysztof Szubert, we managed to submit this issue for discussion by the EU leaders, said the Prime Minister.

The European Cybersecurity Forum takes place a week after the EU Digital Summit which was held on 29 September 2017 in Tallinn. Poland made an important contribution to organisation of the Summit. In the Estonian capital, heads of state and government discussed the greatest challenges of the digital future of Europe.

In addition, in April 2017 the government adopted a resolution on the National Cybersecurity Policy Framework for the Republic of Poland for 2017-2024 to obtain high resilience of national ICT systems, critical infrastructure operators, key services, providers of digital services for public administration and citizens to the risk stemming from possible threats in cyberspace, said the Prime Minister.

She added that the actions for ensuring security in cyberspaces were the priority of three ministries: the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of the Interior and Administration and the Ministry of Digital Affairs.

Department for Cyberspace at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Beata Szydło informed that in order to address the challenges of the present, she would establish a department of experts in cyberspace analysis and monitoring at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. The department will be headed by Minister Paweł Szefernaker and its tasks will include analyses, monitoring and the provision of expertise, said the Prime Minister.

Response of the state to threats in cyberspace

Beata Szydło stressed that the government could not tolerate criminal activities, such as theft, breaking into bank accounts, blocking computers to get ransom, tax fraud or increasingly dangerous cyberterrorism. All those threats must meet with a decisive response of state authorities and citizens who fall victim to them must know that the state will protect them, stressed the Prime Minister.

She also informed that at the beginning of September Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewicz had established the office for Polish cyber-army which is to prepare personnel for military operations in cyberspace. The Ministry of Digital Affairs finalises work on draft Act on the national cybersecurity system, inviting the experts present at the forum to consultation.

The Prime Minister said that numerous preventive actions aiming at prevention of cybercrime, cyber espionage or cyberterrorism were taken by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, with the participation of the Police and the Special Services.

Between 9 and 10 October 2017, the 3rd European Cybersecurity Forum - CYBERSEC took place in Kraków. The Forum is an annual conference dedicated to strategic aspects of cybersecurity in Europe. The event is a platform for cooperation between governments, international organisations and key private sector entities. CYBERSEC Forum is also one of the five most important conferences on cybersecurity in Europe. The aim of the discussions during the forum is to develop practical solutions strengthening NATO security and supporting the development of an innovative EU economy.

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