Prime Minister Beata Szydło: ”Economy+” is Poland’s future

On Wednesday Prime Minister Beata Szydło announced a new economic program of the government, “Economy +” (Gospodarka+) during her speech at Autosan plant in Sanok. Following the launch of the “Family 500 plus” program, that is the next step to improve Poland’s current situation.

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Photo: P. Tracz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Works on the Poland-wide Economy plus plan were commenced, said Prime Minister Szydło discussing the government’s new project facilitating the country’s growth. Among other things, Deputy Prime Minister Morawiecki’s sustainable development plan, support for entrepreneurs, a housing plan and measures involving infrastructure are components of the complex program which was presented.

The government’s flagship ”Family 500 plus” program supporting numerous Polish men and women is scheduled to be launched in a few days allowing them to buy necessities and educate their children. Prime Minister Szydło stated that Polish families also need security that can be ensured by, for example, an adequate pay for their work. That is why her government decided to carry out another project facilitating the country’s economic growth. We started intensive works to have the plan implemented not only at those locations where industry and companies have now been growing, said the Prime Minister and added that each region will have a chance to benefit from such support.

Government’s priority: rebuilding Polish industry

The Prime Minister stated that this day proves that if a planned program is consistently followed through with, a success is viable. Poland now needs security in a broad understanding of the term, the security that in a daily life translates into our own and our families’ safety, said Beata Szydło. The Prime Minister added that both work and a living wage as well as taking advantage of Poland’s existing economic achievements are vital. According to the Prime Minister, we should benefit from the experience of Polish workers and entrepreneurs and provide them with suitable conditions under which they could flourish.

We want the economic patriotism slogan to mean specific measures taken by the Polish government orientated towards supporting Polish companies and rebuilding the Polish industry. “We rescue those companies and plants that we have been proud of in Poland and we also want to develop new businesses, declared the Prime Minister. Modern technologies and the partnership between science and economy are Poland’s future, added Beata Szydło. Only in that way can we ensure Poland’s secure growth and encourage young Poles to build their families’ future in Poland.

“Sanok to get its great chance”

We kept our word, stressed the Prime Minister talking about saving Autosan plant from bankruptcy. Here in Sanok I would like to thank all people who became involved in rescuing the plant and who found the right solution, said Beata Szydło. She stated that thanks to saving the company it will be possible to develop the region and build the Polish brand. That road which we showed can be seen clearly - the priorities that we want to implement based on rebuilding the Polish industry, and a vital role of the Ministry of National Defense and the defense industry, said the Prime Minister.

On Wednesday a ceremony of signing a contract for the sale of Autosan S.A. was held in the presence of the Head of the Polish government. The company was acquired by a consortium of two companies: PIT-Radwar and Huta Stalowa Wola. Both companies are members of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa.

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