Prime Minister Beata Szydło called Sejm deputies to work jointly for Poland and Poles

Poles are waiting for the moment when their problems will be discussed in the Sejm. I would like to ask the deputies to work jointly with us for Poland and Poles – said Prime Minister Beata Szydło to the opposition during a joint press conference with Jarosław Kaczyński and the Marshals of Sejm and Senat.

Photo: P. Tracz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

We are here today to tell the society and the opposition that we extend the hand and we hope that this hand will not be rejected – said Jarosław Kaczyński, ex-Prime Minister and the President of Law and Justice. He called the opposition to go back to the situation in which it recognises that law applies, as deputies are subject to the law that is applicable to everyone. Certain proposals for the opposition, institutionalisation and reinforcing opposition parliamentary clubs remain valid. After calming down the situation, we are ready to return to the normal state and to take certain actions which will be agreed upon with our political opponents and the aim of which is to create a system similar to the one existing in other European countries. We would like the leader of the opposition to have certain powers – said Jarosław Kaczyński. He underlined that i.e. the agenda of every fifth meeting of the British Parliament is organised by the opposition. According to the Law and Justice leader, a similar solution in Poland would be applicable to the Sejm. We can also talk about other issues. Certainly, it cannot lead to paralysis of the whole or the part of the governance process, which is actually very closely connected to the Parliament – added Jarosław Kaczyński.

The call from the Prime Minister to MPs to cooperate for the Polish economy

I would like to ask the Members of Parliament to work jointly with us for Poland and Poles – said Prime Minister Beata Szydło. She called to implement jointly ambitious development and economic projects, including those for entrepreneurs. There are valuable projects, there is a good plan. Poland needs a smart economic policy, which has been already prepared. I think that we can jointly implement numerous good projects for Poland within this parliamentary discussion and in this debate on economy issues. What is necessary is will, cooperation and focus on what Poles are waiting for – underlined the Prime Minister.

Poles are waiting now in particular for a debate in the Polish Sejm concerning their problems and issues rather than for disputes on the part of the opposition and for attempts to boycott works on the State’s budget – they are waiting for a joint work on this budget – said Beata Szydło. We are open to accept good ideas and to accept such solutions within a discussion that will be favourable for the Polish economy and that will focus on the problems of Polish citizens – she declared.

Stable economic situation

Prime Minister Beata Szydło argued that the political dispute, which is the core of democracy, should be constructive, leading to the emergence of projects for Poland and for the Poles. We want Poles to live dignified lives, we want democracy to develop and Polish families to be safe, the Prime Minister said.

She underlined that the political situation is stable. The past weeks have shown that the results of the most important economic indicators are positively surprising – Beata Szydło said, indicating that Poland will rank better in yearly summaries and our economic growth indicator will be one of the best in Europe. Poland will be one of the five countries with the best result, she added. Indicators for different sectors will improve, also due to the Family 500+ Programme.

Prime Minister Szydło listed a number of actions undertaken by the government over the last year, including increasing the minimum wage to PLN 2,000, the minimum rate of pay to 12 PLN/h, and the lowest disability and retirement pensions to PLN 1,000. The head of government also talked about the benefits arising from the Family 500+ Programme and about bringing down the retirement age. She underlined that the first year of governance was marked by projects concerning the improvement of the standard of living for ordinary Polish citizens.

Next year we will focus mostly on economic matters, the Prime Minister said. She announced that the government is working on subsequent projects under the Responsible Development Plan. Beata Szydło underlined that it is important for the government to enable the entrepreneurs develop and invest in Poland, which is the reason for subsequent government proposals in this area.

The state budget is stable, Prime Minister Szydło ensured. All projects adopted this year will be implemented and their financing is ensured, she underlined. The head of government also talked about the positive effects of sealing the tax system – thanks to that, more than PLN 11.5 billion stayed in the budget.

In Poland, there is enough money for the implementation of ambitious social and economic projects. However, most of all, there has to be wise and effective financial policy of the state. This is taking place at the moment, Beata Szydło said.

Quorum took place during the Friday voting

The constitutional number of Senators, namely over 230, participated in all votings. All senators taking part in the proceedings on that day were informed by texts about the continuation of the session in the column hall, Marek Kuchciński said at the meeting with the media. Marshal of the Sejm explained that transmission of the meeting was ensured and everything was in accordance with the law. The continuation of the Sejm’s meeting in the column hall on 16 December 2016 was fully in line with the Constitution and Standing Orders of the Sejm, the Marshal of the Sejm added. 

By moving the Sejm’s meeting to the Column Hall on Friday I wanted to secure the importance of the Chamber, it was my constitutional duty, the Marshal of the Sejm highlighted.

There were no plans to limit the accessibility of works in the Sejm for the media

It was not our intention to limit the access to the parliamentary works of the MPs for journalists. This access is existing and will exist, but we want to facilitate your work and improve the conditions – underlined Marshal of Senat Stanisław Karczewski during the press conference. In the same time he recalled that the new conditions of works of journalists would by published by 6 January. In the opinion of the Marshal of Senat the improvement of these conditions will be ensured by “building a new press centre, which is now in its terminal phase of organisation”.

Law and Justice club is open for discussion 

The Law and Justice club is open for discussion and cooperation with those MPs who do not want to join the initiated disputes and infringes of regulations and law – said Ryszard Terlecki, the leader of the Law and Justice club. As he underlined, the Sejm deputies were not elected in order to participate in arguments, but in order to work in the interest of Poland.

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