Prime Minister Beata Szydło attended the Economic Forum of Young Leaders

Ensuring safety and creating conditions in which young people will have good prospects of fulfilling their ambitions – those are the challenges which the European Union is currently faced with – stated Prime Minister Beata Szydło during the 12th Economic Forum of Young Leaders in Nowy Sącz.

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Photo: P. Tracz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Creating good prospects for young people

The Prime Minister stressed that Europe currently faces numerous challenges, including: first – ensuring safety, second – creating conditions in which young people will have good prospects of fulfilling their ambitions and dreams, and third – building a Europe which would open up towards new circles, new countries. She added that the more the European Union opens up towards the new countries, the countries which are willing to join the Community today, the countries across our eastern border, the Balkan countries, the safer and the more complete it will become.

Leaders with a vision

Europe needs leaders, it needs leaders who will understand the challenges which Europe faces today, who will be able to effectively tackle these challenges, who will have a specific vision and will set new directions – stated the Prime Minister. In response to the question on whether there are such leaders and such visions in Europe today, the Prime Minister declared that she fears there are not. The head of the government also stated that she is very glad that the circle of young leaders is constantly growing.

Crisis of EU values

The Prime Minister assessed that in order for the European Union to develop and become more complete, in order for it to abide by the values which lie at its basis, we need to take a bold step forward. She added that everyone seemed to be satisfied with an EU in which the dominating group of more wealthy countries, the so-called old EU countries, dictated what the newcomers are supposed to do, but these newcomers turned out to be very receptive, talented and resourceful. That is why they are now considered to be the fastest growing and the most thriving part of Europe. According to the Prime Minister the countries of the old EU refuse to accept our way of life and our philosophy of life. This attitude manifests itself for instance by organising a debate on whether Poland respects the principles of the rule of law or not – the head of the government added. These disputes will continue, because there are currently two different visions of the EU’s development. However, none of us considers EU to be unnecessary. Quite the opposite, EU is very much needed and it should continue to grow – this is the Poland’s point of view. EU should open up towards new countries and should absorb as many new countries as possible in order to join them – the Prime Minister emphasised.

According to the Prime Minister EU is currently faced with a crisis of values and a dispute on how it is supposed to function. The Prime Minister declared that we will overcome this crisis – there is no one in our part of Europe who would call into question the viability of the EU’s existence and functioning. Beata Szydło stressed that in order to speak about the UE, it is necessary to rebuild mutual trust between all countries and to take good care of the pillars upon which the EU had been established.

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