Prime Minister Beata Szydło at the Sea Congress in Szczecin there will be more projects supporting shipbuilding

The priorities of the Law & Justice government is fast economic growth to unlock the latent potential of each part of the our country – said Beata Szydło at the 4th Forum of the International Sea Congress in Szczecin. On Thursday, Prime Minister presented the programme for rebuilding Polish water transport and large shipbuilding.


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Photo: P. Tracz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

The programme of rebuilding the water transport and Polish shipbuilding

During the Congress held in Szczecin, Prime Minister participated in the signature of a letter of intent for the building of passenger ferries in Polish seaports. The maritime economy and Polish maritime industry are not only announcements or programmes but concrete action – stressed Beata Szydło. She also emphasised that Polish shipyards have huge shipbuilding capacity and could become industry leaders. Political will, proper conditions and opportunities for those who want to develop Polish industry and economy are necessary. This is both the greatest challenge and obligation of the government – stressed the Head of the Government.

Besides comprehensive support for the shipbuilding industry, Prime Minister pointed to the construction of the navigation canal, inland waterways and work on the waterway transport strategy in Poland as priority. According to Prime Minister, industrial development is not confined to one ministry. The action must engage all, because only then we will be successful. This is why some of these actions will address local communities, local governments; relevant regions will take over action – said Prime Minister.

As announced, the work of the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Waterways on the strategy of development of river traffic in Poland is well underway. We must restore Polish rivers to make them good and cheap transport routes. This is not only significant simplification for the industry but also better and energy-friendly transport. This will boost not only the industry along the coast but it is a great opportunity for our country as a whole – stressed Prime Minister.

She also mentioned the work on the Vistula Spit dug-through. This project is of paramount importance not only for having a new major seaport in Elbląg, it is also a strategic investment – said Prime Minister.

Fast economic growth based on Polish innovative engineering

When referring to the assumptions of the economic programme, Prime Minister Beata Szydło pointed to the need of reindustrialisation, building our Polish brand and potential of our national businesses. We shall become a state of international position, a partner to the largest, strongest economies when we are able to say that Poland has growing Polish businesses that manufacture products based on Polish innovative engineering and offer new solutions. This is the goal of the economic programme which I am implementing – convinced Prime Minister. She stressed the role of Polish science and innovative engineering in the development of Polish economy.

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