Prime Minister Beata Szydło at the opening of the Polish-American business forum

Economic development and cooperation with American companies is a priority for the Polish government – Prime Minister Beata Szydło pointed out during the “Polish-American Investment Dialogue” conference in New York. Poland is a country which develops remarkably, and it’s worth investing in it – she added.

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Photo: P. Tracz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

According to the head of the government, in the “Plan for Responsible Development” adopted by the Polish government and coordinated by the Ministry of Development two words are crucial: “development” and “responsible”. It summarizes the idea of that ambitious plan – the prime minister pointed out.

We want Poland to develop faster, we want expectations and dreams of Polish citizens, who are well-educated and creative, to come true – the head of the government said. She added that breaking down bureaucratic barriers, among other things, is necessary to achieve this goal. It’s a huge challenge which the Polish state faces – Beata Szydło pointed out.

According to the head of the government, Poland must also take advantage of the fact that it is still in a privileged position, when we can still use bigger assistance funds. The point is to skillfully invest these funds in development, in new technologies – the prime minister pointed out.

We want to break down barriers. We will look for new solutions which are as constructive for investors as possible. Therefore, I’d like to invite you to invest in Poland. And I can assure those of you who already invest in Poland that we will try to create even better conditions for your presence on our market – the head of the government said.

I’d also be grateful, if the US market was friendly to Polish companies, to Polish entrepreneurs. There are things we can boast of, we have achievements, there are new ideas, more and more people want to be brave in business – Beata Szydło emphasised.

I’d like to invite you to invest in Poland again. We are a beautiful and great country – the prime minister concluded.

Polish-American business Forum

The “Polish-American Investment Dialogue” conference was attended by representatives of the American business, including investors present on the Polish market: IBM or General Electric. The meeting was also attended by the president and selected members of the US-Poland Business Council from Washington, and representatives of the Polish diaspora in the USA. Furthermore, companies which consider development on European markets and are potentially interested in investing in Poland were invited to participate in the conference.

The aim of the conference was to promote Poland as a direction for stable investment contributing to development of the Polish economy and transfer of “know-how” to Poland. Poland wants to pay particular attention to high technology industries, aviation sector, IT/ITC, financial market and sector of new business services.

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