Prime Minister Beata Szydło about the aid provided by the Government after the rainstorms: our state helps, supports and reconstructs

At the first meeting of the Sejm after the holidays, the Government will present the comprehensive, detailed information on carrying out rescue operations and help brought to the victims after the rainstorms – announced Prime Minister Beata Szydło after the Thursday’s meeting of the Council of Ministers.

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Photo: P. Tracz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

The Government became familiar with the information provided by the Head of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration on the actions taken following the August rainstorms.

More gminas with simplified procedures

The Head of the Government informed she had signed another ordinance increasing the number of gminas, for which special solutions on the reconstruction and renovation of buildings after the rainstorms had been applied. The simplified procedures are to facilitate and accelerate the renovations and reconstruction of the damaged properties.

The Prime Minister stressed that the ordinance covered additional 76 gminas. All gminas which had applied for aid, were included in the ordinance – said Beata Szydło.

Numerous actions of the Government

According to the Prime Minister, there are many actions of the Government after the rainstorms. The State helps, supports and reconstructs – stressed the Prime Minister. She added that virtually all ministries had joined the activities to bring help. She mentioned, inter alia, the increase in the funds to be spent on the renovations and reconstruction of houses, from PLN 100,000 to PLN 200,000, a possibility of receiving PLN 100,000 for the reconstruction of farm buildings as well as the quick transfer of the funds allocated for the first benefits for the victims. The funds have been transferred to the gminas’ accounts – stressed Beata Szydło. The Government are looking for new, customised solutions in a form of programmes, inter alia, for the reconstruction of urban parks in the destroyed self-governments as well as for owners of private forests.

According to the Prime Minister, the damage is estimated efficiently and by the end of August, all services should have it completed. The next stage will be the payment of the funds for the renovations and reconstruction.

The Prime Minister also informed that the Head of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration would analyse the functioning of existing systems and crisis management programmes. We made a decision on analysing and preparing the opinions and recommendations on the currently applicable crisis management systems and programmes, including their legal status. Minister Mariusz Błaszczak was obliged to do it, as a leading person. Within a month, such recommendations will be developed and if there is a need to amend the legislation, the Government will certainly prepare it soon – stressed the Head of the Government.

The Sejm shall listen to the Government’s information about the actions taken after the rainstorms

As the Prime Minister announced, at the first meeting of the Sejm after the summer holidays, the Government’s information about the actions taken in view of the rainstorms will be presented.

I made a decision on presenting the detailed information about the actions – both on the first ones i.e. the rescue operations during the rainstorms – as well as the actions taken by the Government to help the victims – stressed the Prime Minister. She added that she had requested the Marshal of the Sejm to present the Government’s information. The request concerns the presentation of the comprehensive, complete information about the actions.

Good, development-oriented budget for the next year

The Prime Minister informed that the Government had adopted a preliminary draft budget for 2018 and submitted it for public consultation. She confirmed that the draft covered all the most important programmes implemented by the Government. In the opinion of the Prime Minister, it was the good, development-oriented budget.

The Prime Minister said that the project provided for full financing of the 500+ Programme, the funds for the Mieszkanie+ Programme and for other programmes. Naturally, these are the funds which will allow us to guarantee the pay rises for teachers once the reform is introduced, the funds for modernisation of the uniformed services and, of course, for the development of the Polish Army, in accordance with these recommendations and objectives that we, as the members of NATO, have to comply with and to which we committed – pointed out the Prime Minister. She added that, in her opinion, the budget for 2018 gave a chance for implementing all those important social projects.

Better offer for patients

The Government have also adopted the draft Act on primary health care, prepared by the Ministry of Health. This is another element of the system changes introduced by Minister Konstanty Radziwiłł. Following the network of hospitals, now we are introducing changes in primary health care. This project assumes that patients will have broader access to primary health care, will be able to make use of the better offer and that long queues will be eliminated – said Prime Minister Beata Szydło. She informed that the information from the Ministry of Health about the preparations for introducing the network of hospitals had been postponed to the following meeting of the Government.

Government’s actions to remove the effects of rainstorms (as of 24.08.2017, 16:00).

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