Prime Minister attends the second screening of Poland: The Royal Tour in New York

On the second day of his stay in the USA, the Head of Government was invited to the premiere at the Guggenheim Museum. The film aims to promote the knowledge of Poland’s rich history, nurture the Polish spirit and raise national awareness, both domestically and abroad. The documentary shows Poland as a modern country drawing from its tradition and history.

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Photo: Krystian Maj / KPRM

The film has been previously screened at the Motion Picture Academy in Los Angeles and at the Lyric Opera in Chicago. Over 2 thousand people has seen the documentary.

The screening in New York was followed by a meeting with congressmen, American media and opinion-formers. The representatives of the Polish community in the United States were present as well. Prime Minister Morawiecki stated that the film is one of many elements making us “want to inspire people from all over the world to come to Poland, to invest and study in Poland”. He also expressed his gratitude to the film producer, Peter Greenberg.

During his stay, the Head of Government also met with American investors and business world representatives. In addition, he was a guest at Fox News, where he explained Poland’s favourable investment environment. He emphasised the role of the gas pipeline in Świnoujście in terms of purchase contracts for American gas. He also mentioned the successes of Polish programmers.

The conclusion of the Prime Minister’s visit to the USA, however, does not end further promotion of the film. The documentary will be broadcast on the American channels of the PBB network. The premiere and screening of the documentary is scheduled for 22 April 2019.

The Prime Minister stressed that the visit to the United States was an opportunity for numerous meetings with entrepreneurs and discussions on economics, business and investments in Poland. As he said, it was also meant to promote Poland on the international arena.

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