Prime Minister at the Sejm: solidarity is the most important vaccine against the coronavirus

During his speech at the Sejm, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki provided information on the degree of preparedness of the country in view of the increasing number of coronavirus infections. He also called for amicable cooperation across political differences and the fastest possible adoption of laws necessary to mitigate the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic.

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Social solidarty as the guarantor of a strong country

During his speech at the Sejm, the head of the government emphasised that in view of the current situation, everyone should be cooperating across differences. “It was solidarity in the approach towards the epidemic that helped us in the spring” – he continued.

Jak dodał: „Konsensusem w walce z COVID-19 jest ograniczanie kontaktów, maseczki, dystans i dezynfekcja oraz wierzenie pomieszczeń. To przerywa transmisję w najbardziej skuteczny sposób”. Dlatego rząd od samego początku postuluje tę podstawową strategię. Podkreślamy, że główne zasady bezpieczeństwa w trakcie epidemii to tzw. DDM: dystans, dezynfekcja, maseczka. W rozszerzonej formie – DDMA,  obejmującą również aplikację STOP COVID – ProteGO Safe.

As he added: “It is a consensus that limitation of contacts, masks, distance, disinfection and ventilation of rooms help in the fight against COVID-19. These actions are most effective in breaking the transmission of the virus”. Therefore, the government has been calling for the application of this basic strategy since the very beginning. We emphasise that the main safety rules during the epidemic are the so-called DDM: distance, disinfection, mask. The extended form – DDMA - also includes the STOP COVID – ProteGo Safe application.


The government strategy for the fight against the epidemic

The government strategy in the era of the coronavirus is based on three main goals: protection of health and health care, protection of economy and workplaces as well as protection of seniors.

The basic priority of the government in the era of the coronavirus is ensuring health security of Polish people, particularly senior citizens. It primarily consists in supporting the healthcare sector, so that COVID-19 patients are provided with the best access to treatment possible.

The battle against the pandemic also consists in taking actions that will affect the condition of Polish economy and everyday life of Polish citizens to the least extent possible, simultaneously preventing the spread of the coronavirus. The Anti-Crisis and Financial Shield were a huge support for Polish entrepreneurs. They helped save many companies and millions of workplaces.

As Prime Minister indicated, the strategy which the government implemented in the spring was effective and will be continued. The second wave of the pandemic shows that we are dealing with a dangerous phenomenon, perhaps subsequent waves. “We are dependent on whether a vaccine or drug for COVID-19 is invented”.

As he added ”Until a vaccine is invented, I suggest that we all apply this one, most important vaccine. The vaccine I have in mind is solidarity – together, we will get through this battle victoriously”.

Prepared for the coronavirus

Apart from organising socio-economic life in a way that limits fast transmission of infections and makes it possible to save Polish economy, the government took many actions aimed at preparing the healthcare sector for the fight against the coronavirus. Due to the increase in the number of infections at the beginning of October, the government introduced new restrictions, including the obligation to wear masks in public areas.

Purchases and testing on an unprecedented scale

Huge purchases, thanks to which we are in possession of millions of masks, gloves, visors, suits and protective gowns, as well as other necessary equipment, have been made. Many of pieces of such equipment, for example non-contact thermometers or disinfectants, were delivered to schools before the beginning of the school year.

The testing potential has also been significantly increased. As Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki emphasised, from the initial amount of 4,000 tests a day, we have reached the current daily level of 80,000 tests.

Tools for the fight against the coronavirus

The introduction of red, yellow and green zones, differing in terms of restrictions, produced the intended effect. The fight against the coronavirus is also supported by the STOP COVID – ProteGO Safe application, developed in accordance with the best international practices. The introduced sanitary regime and limitations remain the main line of defense. “Through the application of all restrictions and advices given to us by groups of experts, we want to reach a sufficiently low “R” value. Therefore, we emphasise that the restrictions must be rigorously followed” – the head of the government explained.

Medical infrastructure

We are successively increasing the number of beds in hospitals for COVID-19 patients. Currently, there are over 16,000 beds. The purchased equipment includes the equipment needed by patients with most severe COVID-19.

“In recent days, the number of new beds has been growing faster than the number of COVID-19 patients requiring hospital care on these beds. We intend to increase the number by at least 15,000 more beds” – said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

He also added that the government is prepared for the growing demand for ventilators. Approximately 700 devices are in use, but nearly 3,000 are still available” – the head of the government announced.

Coordinated actions of public services and social responsibility

The actions of uniformed services play an important role in the fight against the coronavirus. “Our services have controlled 20,000,000 people in quarantine, 20,000,000 telephone calls and knocks on doors. The Territorial Defense Forces, fire brigades and other services are preparing an efficient infrastructure for testing and even greater one for the collection of swabs” – the Prime Minster said.

It is important that the regulations are followed. As the head of the government emphasised: “We live not only for ourselves. By protecting ourselves, we also protect others, those who are the weakest”.



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