Prime Minister at the Congress of the "Gazeta Polska Clubs": We have many reasons to feel proud

The head of the government participated in the 15th Congress of the "Gazeta Polska Clubs", which this year was held in the online formula. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki answered questions asked by Internet users, referring to the most important issues that Poland is facing: fighting COVID-19, saving jobs, or strengthening the economy through major investments. As the Prime Minister said, all these challenges are being met thanks to the cooperation between the government and President Andrzej Duda.

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Photo: Adam Guz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

Fighting COVID-19

The government is effectively reducing the coronavirus epidemic. We were among the first countries in Europe to introduce restrictions related to COVID-19, including sanitary controls at the borders. Thanks to quick decisions we avoided the situation of Italy or Spain, where doctors had to decide which patients to treat. We were able to provide the Polish health services with an adequate number of hospital beds, respirators and medical equipment.

We are ready to continue the fight against COVID-19 and we have an appropriate strategy in this respect Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki assured.

Government measures to tackle the crisis

Aid for businesses means not only the support for the economy, but, above all, for people. Thanks to flexible actions we can save several million jobs.

We provide assistance to Polish entrepreneurs using various instruments. We offer loans, we exempt from paying social security contributions, we transfer cash in the form of subsidies. We also propose solutions that help maintain financial liquidity.

Major development investments

Following the crisis caused by COVID-19, Poland needs great development programmes, which we are implementing thanks to the cooperation between the government and the President. We are doing everything to not only protect but also create jobs. 

The construction of the Solidarity Transport Hub Poland, the Cross-cutting through the Vistula Spit, the Baltic Pipe or the Via Carpatia gas pipeline are crucial for the further development of Poland the head of the government noted. As he added, the construction of the Solidarity Transport Hub Poland alone will create an opportunity for a large economic zone in Poland.

The Solidarity Transport Hub Poland is the largest infrastructural undertaking, which means a powerful impulse for the economy, labour market and economic growth. It is estimated that the project will create about 150 thousand jobs - 40 thousand in the airport itself and 110 thousand within the sectors of economy connected with the port, including logistics, tourism, hotels, developers, trade and services.

Foreign policy

As the Prime Minister pointed out, the government, together with the President, managed to achieve many successes with regard to foreign policy. These include the efficient organisation of NATO and Three Seas Initiative summits in Warsaw and abolishing visas to the US last year. We have also managed to persuade the European Union to adopt an ambitious budget and assertive anti-crisis measures.

Today we are a respected and important nation in both Europe and the world the Prime Minister said. We have many reasons to feel proud. We do not need to have any complexes he added.

The head of the government also expressed the hope that the strengthening of NATO would be accomplished without undermining its forces in Europe.

Gazeta Polska Clubs

The clubs are grassroots organisations associating the readers of Gazeta Polska. They hold film screenings and meetings with politicians, journalists, publicists and writers. They also engage in the initiatives aimed at creating civil society, spreading patriotism and promoting the tradition and history of our country.

There are almost 500 Gazeta Polska Clubs in Poland, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

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