Prime Minister at the conference “The right to enterprise. Small companies, big changes”

We care mainly about Polish ownership, Polish capital and Polish economic operators – said the Head of the Government at a meeting with the economic operators and officials on the reform of economic law, including the Business Constitution, held in Przygodzice near Ostrów Wielkopolski.

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The Prime Minister stated that Polish economic operators have been very successful despite the unfavourable legal regulations and against the activities of the environment, including the state and local environment.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stressed that the Government had started the most profound reconstruction of the economic system in the last 30 years, and thanks to nearly 100 legal changes, such as the Business Constitution, economic operators would gain tangible benefits.

Tightening of the tax system

We have a low budget deficit, public debt has virtually decreased – said the Prime Minister. He added that tightening of the tax system is one of the causes of the very good economic situation in Poland.

The Prime Minister stated that, thanks to tightening of the system, PLN 40 billion had been recovered. Today, we virtually eliminated tax offenders and VAT mafias from many sectors, and the Polish system regained additional PLN 40 billion which we allocated for, inter alia, the Family 500 Plus programme and construction of infrastructure – said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

Business Constitution

Together with you, I will try to make offices and officials more accessible and achieve the objectives of the Business Constitution – declared the Head of the Government.

He also announced that the Ombudsman for the Rights of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises would be appointed, who is to act before tax authorities and any other municipal offices as an ambassador and advocate in matters which sometimes do not work as they should.

Economic patriotism

The changes we propose are to serve, at every step of the way, to strengthen the democratic dimension – noted the the Head of the Government. He added that our social programmes lead to democratisation and our regulatory actions, including towards small and medium-sized enterprises, are mainly focused on that. The Prime Minister pointed out that the Government were constantly conducting talks with Brussels, so as to guarantee the best legislation for Polish economic operators.

The Prime Minister also assured of further efforts to rebuild the tax system, so that it was more beneficial for small companies. What we need and what I will surely support, are any bottom-up initiatives, also nationwide, which in a manner way permitted by EU law will promote Polish economic patriotism and Polish economic operators – stressed the Prime Minister.

I am asking you for being proud of Polish enterprise, Polish economic operators and the Republic of Poland, which will lead us to the stronger economy – concluded Mateusz Morawiecki.

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