Prime Minister: A knowledge-based development model for Poland

Government support for saving jobs and maintaining liquidity of enterprises in the aftermath of the crisis triggered by COVID-19 already amounts to more than PLN 88 billion. Only within the framework of the Financial Shield of the Polish Development Fund, the government allocated over PLN 51.7 billion to support entrepreneurs. Businesses with subsidies from the Polish Development Fund give jobs to nearly 2.7 million people. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki visited one of such companies in Lower Silesia. So far, enterprises from Lower Silesian Voivodeship have been granted support in the amount of PLN 6.4 billion.

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Photo: Krystian Maj / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

When I talk to the founders of Scanway, a company that creates such innovative projects, I see that Poland has a model for developing the capital of Polish knowledge and that is exactly what our goal is. We want young Poles to be able to pursue their dreams here Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said during his visit to Scanway, a company specialising in vision systems, image processing and 3D scanning.

This enterprise, similarly to almost 280,000 others, also benefited from government support to save jobs. I am happy to see young, dynamic Polish businesses with plans for the future. I am convinced that this will make our Polish reality better and better the Prime Minister added.

Over PLN 51.7 billion for businesses as part of the Financial Shield of the Polish Development Fund

The Financial Shield of the Polish Development Fund is a support programme worth PLN 100 billion. It is addressed to micro, small, medium and large enterprises.

So far, the funds have been transferred to the accounts of nearly 280 thousand businesses. These enterprises provide employment for nearly 2.7 million people. Support reaches the businesses very quickly - within approximately 24 - 48 hours.

PLN 26.7 billion of support provided under the Anti-Crisis Shield

Polish businesses have already received PLN 26.7 billion of support under various instruments from the Anti-Crisis Shield, including PLN 7.5 billion in loans granted to micro-entrepreneurs.

Over 1.6 million idle-time benefits were also provided in the amount of PLN 3.2 billion. Additionally, over PLN 8.4 billion was granted from the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund to protect workplaces.

The Social Insurance Institution approved the exemption from contributions for March-May as part of the Anti-Crisis Shield amounting to over PLN 7.5 billion.

PLN 10.4 billion for businesses within the BGK Support Shield

So far, over PLN 10 million has already been allocated to Polish businesses, including PLN 8 billion in guaranteed loans for SMEs and PLN 2.3 billion for large and medium-sized enterprises.

European Union funding for SMEs totals PLN 110 million.


Scanway is a Polish company founded in 2016 on the initiative of young professionals from the optical, mechatronics and measurement industries. It specialises in vision systems, image processing and 3D scanning. Its solutions reached the space industry. The enterprise employs engineers and scientists, carrying out both large projects for the space industry and implementing solutions in Polish and foreign production plants.

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