Polish prime minister: MAK report incomplete

Polish prime minister Donald Tusk said Poland would apply to Russia for preparing a joint version of the Smolensk plane crash report. “From our perspective the MAK report is incomplete. Only a few Polish remarks were taken into account. We have objections to the fact that there are gaps in the report, not to individual statements”, remarked Donald Tusk. He added that Poland was not interested in putting the blame on anybody else. “What we want is an objective and full reconstruction of the disaster causes”, he emphasized.

Tusk said the Chicago Convention would be used for further examination of the air crash. “The convention gives us a scenario for further action. Poland has not lost its right to demand that our remarks be seriously considered”, said the prime minister. He underlined that according to the Chicago Convention Poland had an undeniable right to seek Russian cooperation in regard to a joint report version. “Such a motion will be put forward to Russia”, said the head of the Polish government. “In the event that further talks do not end in our stance being taken into consideration, the convention makes it possible for us to appeal to international institutions”, stated Donald Tusk. The prime minister reminded everybody of the fact that the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev said it would be completely inadequate for two different reports to be drawn up on the issue.

Tusk remarked that it had been a right decision to have the air crash causes examined in accordance with the Chicago Convention. “Had we not adopted the international law standards, included in the Chicago Convention, it would have been much more difficult for Poland to gain access to source materials, documents, and pieces of evidence thanks to which today we are able to present the most probable course of events independently of the Russians”, stated the Polish prime minister.

Donald Tusk emphasized that Poland would soon be ready to reveal a full presentation of the Smolensk crash causes and circumstances. “Cooperating with the public prosecutor’s office, we will be revealing all the materials pertaining to the air crash. We are sure our stance is based on factual events”, asserted the prime minister. “Activities taken up by the Polish commission and public prosecutor’s office give us a nearly complete certainty that all the matters subject to explanation will be explained and presented to the public”, added Tusk.

The prime minister underscored the Polish responsibility for the crash. “It is quite likely that Polish conclusions will show even more accurately the reasons, transgressions, and omissions for which the Poles were responsible”, said Donald Tusk. “But no matter how hard we try to look for our own mistakes – mainly because we do not want to make them again – we are of the opinion that the other party should have the same kind of courage and be ready to show the whole picture”, added the head of the Polish government.

According to the prime minister, the Smolensk crash does not have to undermine the recently improved Polish-Russian relations. “As of now, we want to receive a full and objective account of the events not in order to use it against anybody, but because we believe in Poland that good relations should be solely built on the truth”, remarked Donald Tusk. “Nobody is entitled to show the white feather in the light of a disaster and examination of its causes. People who are afraid of the truth may ruin great efforts undertaken by Poles and Russians for the benefit of a better understanding and good relations between our states and nations”, stressed the prime minister.

Tusk said that all the personnel conclusions, related to the activities making up the circumstances and causes of the Smolensk air crash, would be made after the Polish report publication. “Since we still have doubts about the MAK report completeness, I wouldn’t like it to become a basis for political decisions in Poland”, underlined the head of the government.

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