Polish-German intergovernmental consultations

We are on the right track, to build Europe’s stability in the right way through economic and financial events, as well as common European budget. I am glad that Poland and Germany are determined to make the European Union develop in the most stable way said the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at the press conference with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel after the end of the 15th Polish-German intergovernmental consultations in Warsaw.

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Photo: Krystian Maj / Chancellery of The Prime Minister of Poland

Summarising the results of the consultations the head of the Polish government pointed out that the talks concerned i.a. important issues related to the European Union in which we have to work together to strengthen the Union both internally and externally.

The questions related to the topic of the Union were amongst others the future budget and the agricultural policy. We have a similar view when it comes to balancing expenses in the future budget of the European Union, and when it comes to the importance of the areas which are so significant for Poland’s development, such as Common Agriculture Policy, Cohesion Policy and the policy for strengthening innovation said the Prime Minister.

The economy is an essential element of cooperation between Poland and Germany. As Mateusz Morawiecki noted, Poland is one of the crucial trading partners for Germany, just as Germany is a crucial partner for Poland. Investment cooperation is also in bloom and an increasing number of Polish companies is interested in German assets. He further added that the concept of Industry 4.0, based on innovation and cooperation of industries, is about to be implemented.

Another topic discussed during the meeting was the Brexit issue. The Prime Minister emphasized that maintaining strong political and economic ties with the United Kingdom is beneficial for both Poland and Germany and that after the UK leaves the EU a model for continued cooperation should be developed.

The Head of Government also said that Poland and Germany confirm the importance of close cooperation with the United States, i.a. cooperation within NATO. He stated that we are keen to ensure the stabilisation of the areas surrounding us and to guarantee peace at our borders via the strength of the transatlantic community.

The discussions between the Polish and German delegations addressed the integration of the Western Balkans countries under the Berlin Process as well. In this respect, as the Prime Minister said, we take a similar stance towards the European Union's strategic goal of accession of these countries and, as a result, sealing their borders in terms of the migration-related events.

At the end, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that the 15th Polish-German intergovernmental consultations were attended by ministers of economy, finance, persons in charge of the power industry, climate, infrastructure, technology and innovation and he added that in terms of economics, the cooperation between Poland and Germany is flourishing.

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