Polish energy sector in 2012

The government has approved a report on the implementation of “Poland’s energy policy through 2030” in 2012. The report has shown that the energy policy objectives were implemented in a way that fostered efficient operation of the economy and stable provision of energy to businesses and consumers.

Photo: arch. Chancellery of the Prime Minister

The energy policy stressed the need to improve energy efficiency. A number of thermal insulation, overhaul and high-efficiency cogeneration projects were financed with domestic and EU funds. Financial aid was provided for research projects as well as promotion and information campaigns. Implementation directives to the law on energy efficiency allowed the Energy Regulatory Office to announce a tender for efficiency certificates in 2013.

Shale gas tasks were among the most important ones in 2012. Work on an LNG terminal in Świnoujście was continued as Poland promoted internationally its natural gas companies and ventures related to hydrocarbons use. Activities supporting shale gas exploration and extraction were undertaken and work on the Gas Law was continued.

As for renewable energy, including biofuels, the government focused on the preparation of a bill on renewable energy sources and on allocating the funds within the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment to projects related to the development of renewable energy.

The government undertook activities to promote knowledge about nuclear energy. A promotional campaign titled “Find out more about the Atom. Let’s talk about Poland with Energy,” was launched. Its aim is to increase Poles’ knowledge about nuclear energy and the benefits of constructing nuclear power plants as well as to obtain social acceptance for the development of the nuclear power sector in Poland and support for the construction of nuclear plants in the communities where the plants are likely to be located.

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