Poland and Spain speak with one voice on security

In view of the current threats, the priority is to ensure security, stabilize the situation in southern and eastern neighbourhood of the European Union, said Prime Minister Beata Szydło at the end of the Polish-Spanish intergovernmental consultation.

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Photo: P. Tracz/Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Areas of Polish-Spanish cooperation

The 12th Polish-Spanish intergovernmental consultations chaired by Prime Minister Beata Szydło and the Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy were held on Friday in Warsaw. Apart from the meeting of the heads of governments, the agenda included a plenary session attended by ministers. The discussed topics included security policy, infrastructure, agriculture and environment, sport and education. Cooperation in these areas will be strengthened.

We are glad to see an increase in economic exchange between our countries, said the Polish Prime Minister at the press conference. She stated that both countries were bound by multibillion investments and the cooperation would be further developed and deepened.

Bilateral meetings of Poland and Spain are very useful. They enable cooperation to protect our interests and allow to use each other’s experience, stated the Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy after the completion of intergovernmental consultation.

Shared view on security issues

The Prime Minister Beata Szydło stated that they had agreed with Prime Minister Rajoy that in view of the current threats, the priority was to ensure safety for citizens and to stabilize the situation in southern and eastern neighbourhood of the European Union.

We agreed that our priority task was to immediately implement the decisions of recent NATO summits. Our countries support solidarity and unity of the NATO allies as the guarantee of security for the entire North-Atlantic community, said Beata Szydło. 

Prime Minister Beata Szydło informed that the defence ministers of Spain and Poland had begun work on a military agreement with its main objectives being the cooperation within the NATO eastern flank, fight against terrorism and development of military industry.

We are very concerned about the persisting tensions in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and point to the urgent need of solving this conflict and implement the Minsk agreements quickly and completely, said the Prime Minister.

Poland and Spain attach high importance to combating terrorism and to activities of the Global Coalition. During the meeting, Prime Minister Szydło informed Prime Minister Rajoy about Poland’s involvement in the South, which demonstrates special care for security and peace in our neighbourhood and in more distant regions.

Cooperation within the EU

The two countries will cooperate to improve the Community and implement extensive reforms of the European Union. We agreed that unity and cohesion were the superior values in the Union, said Beata Szydło. During the meeting with the head of the Spanish government, she emphasized that Poland wanted the voice of nation states and their parliaments to be reflected to a greater extent in the EU decision-making process and the EU institutions to be closer to the needs of citizens.

According to Prime Minister Beata Szydło, activities aimed at deepening the internal market and strengthening the competitiveness of the entire Community should have the priority. She added that in this context we object to any barriers obstructing the freedom of movement of persons, services and capital. Beata Szydło added that we also expressed our concern about the possible adoption of provisions on posting workers in  international road transport. Poland and Spain also see the need for close cooperation in the area of cohesion policy during negotiations on the Multiannual Financial Framework.

We agree that the priority goal of the EU-UK negotiations on Brexit should be the protection of the rights of the EU citizens and regulation of financial issues resulting from the UK’s membership in the EU, said Prime Minister Beata Szydło.

Intergovernmental consultations on a historical anniversary

This year’s consultation were held on the 40th anniversary of restoration of diplomatic relations between Poland and Spain. Prime Minister Beata Szydło stated that the participation of Polish and Spanish ministers in the meeting and a wide range of topics discussed demonstrated the importance attached by both parties to the development of both bilateral cooperation and cooperation within the European Union, NATO and the UN. According to the Prime Minister, Poland and Spain have similar views on issues such as the building of a strong and efficient EU that is close to its citizens, Brexit, single market, cohesion policy or security policy. 

Another edition of Polish-Spanish intergovernmental consultations confirmed the need for further development of our bilateral relations for successful development and security of our countries, societies and Europe, summed up Prime Minister Beata Szydło.

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