PM on the Eastern policy at the Sejm

- What seemed to be a very distant vision has proved possible in a few cases – Donald Tusk said about bringing the European Union closer to our eastern neighbours. out.

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Photo: M. Śmiarowski / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

The head of the government emphasised that the idea of the Eastern Partnership was expected to bring some countries closer to the European Union. - The main task has been completed, but the context has changed dramatically - he pointed

Association agreements

The Prime Minister added that Ukraine has already signed the political agreement with the EU. The association agreements will soon be signed with Moldova and Georgia. - Consequently the most difficult stage is behind us – the Prime Minister said.

New challenges for the EU

- At the same time, Europe must answer the question what to do with this new and dramatic challenge – the head of the government emphasised. – Namely the fact that the three countries associated with the EU will be countries whose territory is, in fact, partially occupied. Ukraine has lost Crimea, Georgia has a problem with Abkhazia and Ossetia, and Moldova with Transnistria. This may indeed build a permanent crisis element into the EU-Russia relations - Donald Tusk said.

The Prime Minister commented on Vladimir Putin’s statement

Commenting on Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s words about his requests to the separatists in Ukraine to refrain from the referendum, Donald Tusk pointed out that it does not seem that President Putin’s words have any positive and practical influence.

- An optimistic interpretation appeared in the public space according to which President Putin has good intentions and requests the separatists to refrain from the referendum, but they don’t listen to him. As well as a naive interpretation appeared that President Putin has nothing to do with the separatists - the Prime Minister pointed out. - We are not naive in Poland. I have an impression that apart from few but important politicians in Europe a vast majority of European leaders and politicians have exactly the same assessment of the situation as we do. I mean there are some words which so far haven’t had any practical meaning, but the crisis in Ukraine and the extent of the Russian aggression in Ukraine remain unchanged - the head of the government pointed out.

PM’s imminent talks

The Prime Minister informed that on Friday he will talk to a candidate for Ukraine’s president - Petro Poroshenko. On Thursday, he had a telephone conversation with Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

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