Online National Criminal Register. Cheaper, faster and online

Good news for citizens, entrepreneurs and institutions. Since 1 July they have been able to submit an inquiry and receive an answer from the National Criminal Register (KRK) online. In addition, fees for issuing certificates have been lowered.

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We will obtain information from KRK faster and easier. Earlier, it was necessary to visit the KRK Information Office or KRK Information Point. Now it is possible without leaving home by means of a dedicated e-Platform.

In this case, one needs to have the electronic signature or free trusted profile. Such a profile should be set up on ePUAP portal (electronic platform for public administration services) and confirmed on a one-off basis at any public administration office.

Lower fees

We will pay less for obtaining information from KRK. The fees for issuing certificates have been lowered:

  • Now we will pay PLN 30 for obtaining information about a person, and not PLN 50 as was the case earlier.
  • We will also pay PLN 30 for obtaining information about a collective entity, and not PLN 100 as was the case earlier.

This will apply to an inquiry made in the paper form. If, however, we do it online, the fee will be even smaller, and will amount to just PLN 20.

The fees can be made in the following, unchanged way:

  • in the form of fiscal stamps,
  • with cash at the cashier’s office of the Ministry of Justice (MS) or court,
  • to the MS bank account, available on the Ministry’s website.

If we submit an inquiry or application online, the fee needs to be made only by means of the system available on the e-Platform.

KRK certificate by means of the e-Platform in a few steps:

  • Create an account on the e-Platform
  • Log on and fill in the form, pay for it on the e-Platform by an electronic transfer, and sign with the electronic signature or e-PUAP trusted profile.
  • KRK Information Office will respond to the online inquiry.
  • You will receive online certificate which can be saved on the computer’s drive.

Online declaration:

The online certificate from KRK will be available only when the e-Platform is used.

E-service of the Ministry of Justice

Online National Criminal Register is yet another service offered by the Ministry of Justice. The following e-services are already available:

  • Online National Criminal Register,
  • Court and Economic Monitor.

All services are available on the Ministry of Justice website.

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