On the Internet instead of visiting an office. Check what you can arrange online

You can i.a. file a PIT return, start a business or send an application for a vehicle registration card without even having to leave your home. E-government makes our lives easier. Here is a list of the most important services available online.

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E-deklaracje system

A fast and convenient way of settling your tax. It enables filing i.a. PIT and VAT returns online. The system is free of charge, secure and easy to use. It is already clear that 2013 will be another record year in terms of the number of returns filed online.

More at www.e-deklaracje.gov.pl

Start a business online

Entrepreneurs can register their economic activity online. Data are automatically transferred to the tax office, Central Statistical Office and Social Insurance Institution/Agricultural Social Insurance Fund.

More at www.firma.gov.pl

Trusted profile at ePUAP

It has similar functions as commercial electronic signatures. It allows to authenticate your identity when arranging matters with authorities online. Having such a profile, you can use the services of the Electronic Platform of Public Administration (ePUAP).

More at www.epuap.gov.pl

Selected services available via the ePUAP platform:

  1. Central Registry of Vehicles and Drivers,
  2. Services of the Social Insurance Institution (i.a. checking account balances at the Social Insurance Institution),
  3. Services provided by certain gmina offices, for example:
  • Applications, letters, inquiries to the office,
  • Copies of and certificates from marital status records,
  • Entering into the voter registry,
  • Making public information available upon request,
  • Extracts and extract maps from the local zoning plan,
  • First issuance of a driver’s licence,
  • Issuance of a duplicate driver’s licence,
  • Receiving notifications of the organisation of a public gathering.


The e-court examines simple financial claims, most frequently disputes between businesses and persons who failed to pay their invoices. The whole procedure is done online: from filing claims to the issuance of a payment order.

E-court stands for:

  • Faster and simplified proceedings,
  • Lower court fees,
  • Faster issuance of a payment order,
  • Electronic documents instead of paper ones,
  • Remote access from everywhere,
  • Electronic service of documents.

More at www.e-sad.gov.pl

Online KRS copies

Online access to the National Court Register (KRS) allows you to save time and money. You no longer need to pay for KRS copies or take trouble to visit the commercial division of a court in person.

More at www.ems.ms.gov.pl

Online land and mortgage registers

Thanks to substituting paper registers with electronic records, you can inspect land and mortgage registers without the necessity to visit a court.

More at www.ekw.ms.gov.pl

Passport status

While waiting for a passport to be issued, you can check whether the new passport is ready to be collected.

More at www.paszporty.msw.gov.pl


From 1 January 2013, when seeing a doctor you only need to produce your PESEL number and a document with a photo (identity card, driver’s licence or passport) in order to confirm that you are entitled to health care services financed from public funds.

More at www.ewus.csioz.gov.pl

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