On 13 June we are opening the borders - only random checks

Starting next Saturday, 13 June, Poles will not have to undergo mandatory quarantine after returning to the country. EU citizens will also be able to enter Poland without any obstacles. This is all because we are abolishing the temporary border checks at the EU internal borders introduced in March.


We have decided to re-open the borders. From 13 June, the borders will be open for the European Union countries said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. For the time being the decision will apply to EU countries only. We need to re-establish contacts with these countries as soon as possible, so that they can return to their previous state added the Prime Minister.

On the night of 12-13 June, Poland is restoring full border traffic within the internal borders of the European Union. Since then, the services operating at the border will carry out random checks. Just as it was before the coronavirus pandemic and the introduction of border restrictions in Poland.

Freedom of travelling

This means that starting from Saturday 13 June, it will be possible to travel freely and cross the internal borders of the European Union. The travellers will have the right to enter, leave and transit freely through the territory of Poland. They will not have to undergo quarantine. Our neighbouring countries have already been informed so they have time to prepare for the changes.

However, the EU external borders remain closed.

Date of re-opening the borders in accordance with the recommendation of the European Commission

The European Commission recommended to abolish internal border checks in the EU from 15 June 2020. Poland is acting in compliance with these recommendations.

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