Obywatel.gov.pl portal: over 80 public administration services at one place

How to have a passport issued for a child? How to register for temporary residency? How to check how many penalty points we have in the account? The answers to these questions can be found on www.obywatel.gov.pl portal. The website features 82 cards which, using simple language, describe the most popular public administration services for the citizen.

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Portal and citizen-friendly information

No more complicated procedures and bureaucratic newspeak. At any moment and without leaving home we can check how to handle things at a public administration office. What we need is just a computer, smartphone or tablet with access to the internet.

Portal www.obywatel.gov.pl is divided into 15 categories “documents and personal data", “drivers and vehicles", “going abroad", “weddings and divorces", “children", “education", “death", “certificates and copies", “real estate and environment", “allowances and financial help", “health care and social insurance", “registration", “work and business", “taxes" and “military service".

There are 101 cards on the website, including 82 which describe the most popular services which the public administration provides to citizens. The cards also feature information which explains the operation of 19 important government thematic portals.

All procedures are described by means of simple and friendly language. The website’s content will be extended and updated, and www.obywatel.gov.pl portal will ultimately become a complete source of information on the public administration for each Pole.

"Citizen" project

Apart from www.obywatel.gov.pl portal, a hotline for citizens operates as part of the “Citizen” project, which was launched on 31 July.

By calling the telephone number of the "Citizen Information Service", we will learn where to settle our matter. This is also the place where citizens can report comments, e.g. what needs to be changed in a given procedure to simplify it. The central information hotline, no. 222 500 115, is open from Monday to Friday, between 8.00 a.m.- 4.00 p.m.

The Chancellery of the Prime Minister has also prepared textbooks on friendly communication and reacting to signals from citizens. These two publications contain guidelines on, for example, how to write an official letter in plain language. The guide will be sent to all directors general and will be promoted among officials throughout Poland.

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