Number of child care places on the increase

The number of institutions which offer care for children aged up to three grows dynamically. There are more and more places at such institutions and kids who take advantage of them.

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In 2010, there were 511 day care centres and branches, and in 2014 there were as many as 2,493 institutions for the youngest children: 1,667 day care centres, 384 children’s clubs and 442 day carers. It means an increase in the number of these institutions by as much as 388%. Furthermore, the number of children who take advantage of such care increased from approximately 2.6% in 2010 to approximately 7.1% in 2014. It has been estimated that in 2015 it will grow to 8%. In addition, an increase in the number of care places was recorded: from approximately 32.5 thousand in 2010 to approximately 71.4 thousand in 2014. It is a 120% increase.

The expenses incurred by the state budget and communes on child care centres increased from PLN 573.8 million in 2013 to PLN 652.7 million in 2014, out of which PLN 637.8 million was earmarked for day care centres, PLN 8.6 million for children’s clubs and PLN 6.2 million for day carers. When it comes to “Maluch” day care centre construction programme, in 2014 PLN 101 million from the state budget was earmarked for its implementation. In 2015, the amount of PLN 151 million will be earmarked for this purpose. The money will be spent on construction of new institutions and upkeep of the existing ones.

The information and detailed data concerning development of institutional care for small children were presented in the report adopted by the government on the implementation of the act dated 4 February 2011 on care for children aged up to 3.

The so-called day care centre act is part of the actions supporting families with children which are consistently conducted by the government.

The most important thing is the extension of the parental leaves and payment of ZUS contributions for parents who are on the childcare leave. What is also important to families is the Big Family Card Act (dedicated privileges for multi-child families) and the “PLN for PLN” solution (family allowances and add-ons will be decreased together with the increase in the family’s income, i.e. each time the income threshold is exceeded by PLN 1, the total benefit amount to which a family is entitled will be decreased by PLN 1. Since 1 January, a parental benefit will be paid to, among others, the unemployed, students and farmers (PLN 1,000 net per month for one year after giving birth to a child).

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