New rules regarding the obligation to cover the nose and mouth, cinemas and gyms opened - we enter the next stage of lifting restrictions

We are ahead of the fourth stage of lifting restrictions related to COVID-19. From 30 May, we do not have to cover the nose and mouth in the open space - but only if it is possible to keep a distance of 2 meters from other people. Nevertheless, facemasks will be necessary in some closed spaces, such as stores, churches, buses or trams. Apart from that - cinemas, theatres, gyms and massage parlours will reopen, although under strict sanitary regime. Also, weddings for up to 150 people will be permitted. Even though many restrictions are being abandoned, one rule will still apply – particular caution is still need in social contacts.

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Photo: Adam Guz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

We have managed the pandemic much more effectively than the richest countries in the world - the number of deaths caused by coronavirus in Poland is 27 per one million inhabitants. It is almost 4 times less than in Germany – stressed Mateusz Morawiecki. As he added, each day brings new recoveries. At the same time, we are performing more and more tests, which have already amounted to approximately 30 thousand.

There is a new reality ahead of us and we must learn to live in it. I hope that with the appropriate discipline, we can quickly return to economic stability said the head of the government. However, we should stick to the rules. The fight is still on - he added.

Lifting of further restrictions related to COVID-19 is possible, given that the number of cases is decreasing in most voivodships. In addition, we are constantly observing the epidemic situation and monitoring the capacity of healthcare - especially the number of available beds and respirators. Based on that, we make responsible decisions. What are the new binding safety rules?


If there is a possibility to keep a distance of 2 meters from others in the open space, there is no need to cover the mouth and nose. Therefore, it is allowed to walk, cycle, stroll on the street, park, beach or car park without a facemask - but only if the appropriate social distance is maintained.

Attention! If there is no possibility to keep the distance of 2 meters from others in the open air - for example on a crowded pavement – then, it is necessary to cover the mouth and nose. It is about our common safety.

Remember! Parents with children requiring care (up to 13 years old), people living together, the disabled, and persons who cover their mouth and nose, are excluded from the obligation to maintain a 2-metre social distance.

The mouth and nose must be covered in the places listed below!

There are places where it is mandatory to cover the mouth and nose. These are as follows:

  • buses and trams,
  • stores,
  • cinemas and theatres,
  • massage and tattoo parlours,
  • churches,
  • offices (for customers who need to have their matter handled by the office).

Other places where it will be necessary to cover the mouth and nose will be determined by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.

Exceptions. Where is it not necessary to cover the mouth and nose?

At work - provided that the employer ensures adequate distances between workstations and meets sanitary requirements.
In a restaurant or bar - after taking a seat at the table.


The limits concerning the number of people in trade and gastronomy facilities are being lifted. Until now, there was a requirement of a certain area or number of windows per one person in a store, restaurant, service point, at market or post office. From 30 May, this rule will no longer apply.

At present, we are also conducting talks with sports associations on the number of people in the stadiums to be permitted.

Attention! It is still necessary to keep a sufficient distance between the tables at the gastronomic points. The customers must wear facemasks before they sit at the table. All sanitary guidelines still apply - including hand and table disinfection.

Important! It should be remembered that stores, markets and post offices are places where it is still mandatory to cover the nose and mouth. Moreover, it is obligatory to disinfect hands or wear gloves in the store.

Religious ceremonies and funerals

The lifting of restrictions will also apply to churches and other places of religious worship. The limit of number of people also ceases to apply from 30 May (Saturday). The same applies to funeral ceremonies - the current limit of 50 people will not apply.

Important! The obligation to cover mouth and nose in churches and temples still applies.


Outdoor gatherings and concerts up to 150 people (from 30 May)

From 30 May (Saturday), it will be permitted to organise gatherings in open spaces as well as outdoor concerts with up to 150 participants. Nevertheless, the participants must cover their mouths and noses or keep a social distance of 2 metres.

Important! State Sanitary Inspectorate will make recommendations where, due to the epidemiological situation, gatherings or outdoor concerts should not be held. However, the final decision depends on the competent local government unit. 

Weddings and other family celebrations (from 6 June)

It will also be possible to organise weddings and family celebrations which are attended by up to 150 people.

Attention! Participants of weddings do not have to wear facemasks.


From 30 May, restaurants and hotel bars can be opened and serve meals to guests on their premises. Starting from 6 June, swimming pools, gyms and fitness clubs can also be opened in hotels.

However, hotel owners must observe specific sanitary rules.


From 6 June, under certain sanitary conditions, the business activity may be resumed by:

  • cinemas, theatres, operas, ballet,
  • swimming pools, gyms, fitness clubs, playrooms and theme parks,
  • saunas, solariums, massage and tattoo parlours.

It will also be possible to organise fairs, exhibitions and congresses.

Specific sanitary recommendations

Sanitary recommendations for particular industries will be provided after the consultations with entrepreneurs.

Important! Opening of the economy does not absolve us from responsibility! Do not forget to keep safe distances - take care of yourself and others.

Important! As early as on 30 May we will be able to use outdoor gyms, playgrounds and small forest infrastructure.

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