Navigation for returning migrants

Today in London, the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk is going to launch governmental campaign titled „Have you got a PLan to return?” This information programme aims at facilitating smooth returns to Poland of all the Polish nationals who have already decided to leave the countries of their emigration. The programme has been devised by the government in cooperation with NGOs and experts. In the forthcoming months the programme will cover all countries where Polish citizens reside temporarily.

Research shows that majority of Poles currently staying in European Union countries declare readiness to return to Poland in the forthcoming years. The current growth in return trends has been additionally influenced by recent macroeconomic developments, including in particular, the deteriorating economic situation in West European countries (especially in Ireland and the United Kingdom), expected effects of the financial markets crisis and positive forecasts for the Polish economy, significantly more optimistic than those in other EU member-states. The major aim of the programme „Have you got a Plan to return?” is to provide the Poles who are considering or have already decided to return to Poland with all necessary information needed for organizing smooth transitions to Poland and a successful “settling down” in the country.

„Have you got a Plan to return?” is not a programme promoting Poland or a campaign aimed at influencing individual decisions of our fellow citizens to live abroad or return to Poland” – commented Michał Boni, a secretary of state in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and the Head of the Board of Strategic Advisers to the Prime Minister. He went on saying: „We initiated the project as a joint, cross-ministerial effort of the public administration aimed at creating a systemic solution that would illustrate two principles: firstly, that the administration should serve all citizens in the same way, whether they live in the country or abroad. Secondly, if Poles exercise so willingly one of the fundamental freedoms upon which the EU is founded, i.e. free movement of persons, the administration must also meet their expectations and needs in this respect. We have consulted a number of experts and the NGOs, well experienced in civil counselling, while devising the programme. We wished to create a system capable of solving all, including very specific and unique, requests for information from the Poles who intend to return to their mother-country”.

One of the elements of the information programme „Have you got a PLan to return?” is a guide-book titled „ A Returner. Navigation for returning migrants” for all persons who have decided to return to Poland. It has the form of “answers and questions” list, collected from an analysis of the problems faced by persons returning to Poland. It will be available in Polish consular offices as well as social and cultural institutions for Polish immigrant communities, in selected titles of Polish immigrant community press and through a dedicated Internet service On this portal each Internet user may obtain, both, up-to-date information about problems pertaining to reorganisation of their lives and work in Poland as well as practical and specific answers to questions asked in electronic format. The answers are provided – not later than within 14 after the day of question registration by the Internet system – by experts, specialised employees of the European Employment Services (EURES) and staff of ministries and selected state offices.

For more information about the programme „Have you got a return PLan?” please contact:

    * Maciej Duszczyk, Ph.D. – the Team of Strategic Advisers to the Prime Minister,
      tel. +48 608350356
    * Paweł Kaczmarczyk, Ph.D. – the Team of Strategic Advisers to the Prime Minister, tel. +48 604836569
    * Janusz Grzyb – the Director of the Department of Migration in the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, tel. +48 226611246

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