More new books at modern libraries

More new publications at public libraries, more modernised and new library facilities, more attractive books at school and teacher libraries.

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These are the expected effects of the “National Readership Development Programme” adopted by the government for the years 2016-2020. The programme delivers on the promise made by Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz in her exposé, in which she announced that her government will take care of the varied offer of books at libraries.

The programme’s aim is to stop the downward readership tendency in Poland. It is expected to take place thanks to creating attractive book collections, better access to libraries and promotion of readership. It has been assessed that its implementation will increase readers’ interest in public libraries’ offer, whereas modern and attractive library buildings will attract new users, and the number of readers at school and teacher libraries will also increase.

The programme also provides for the purchase of new books to public libraries and increasing access to multi-media, magazines as well as scientific and cartographic publications.  It also provides for supporting modernisation, construction or reconstruction of library facilities in small towns, so that they become local centres of community life which ensure access to culture and knowledge.

As part of the programme, book collections of school and teacher libraries will be made more attractive. Providing school libraries with new publications and reading-list books will help implement the general education core curriculum. On the other hand, providing teacher libraries with, in particular, teaching and methodology literature, will constitute significant support for teachers in planning and completing tasks connected with shaping their students’ readership interests.

In the years 2016-2020, PLN 435 million from the state budget, of which PLN 87 million in 2015, will be allocated for the implementation of the programme’s tasks. Local governments will earmarked PLN 231 million for its implementation. In total, it will give the amount of over PLN 660 million. Currently, “Books of our dreams” programme is already underway, which ensures funds for purchase of books to primary school libraries. Over 10 thousand primary schools have applied for funds from the programme, and the value of the support requested is over PLN 16 million.

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