More equipment for students and teachers as part of distance education

The government is allocating PLN 367 million to subsidise the purchase of laptops, tablets, software, and mobile internet for students and teachers.

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Fot. Krystian Maj / KPRM

So far, the government has provided PLN 187 million as part of the ‘Remote School’ (Polish: Zdalna Szkoła) programme.

  • The funds went to communes (gminas) and districts (poviats) all over Poland.
  • The subsidies ranged from PLN 35 thousand to PLN 100 thousand.
  • It is the equivalent of 125 thousand tablets or over 50 thousand laptops.
  • More than half of all the schools in Poland have received support.
  • The call for applications started on 1 April. Local governments received funds to purchase the equipment based on a simple and fast procedure.
  • 98% of local governments have already submitted their applications for financing, all of which have been approved.

‘Over 2 thousand agreements with local governments have already been signed as part of the Remote School programme,’ stressed Marek Zagórski, Minister of Digital Affairs. ‘More than 12.8 thousand schools, 31 thousand teachers and 205 thousand students have received support,’ the Minister explained.

‘Distance learning is a huge effort for the teachers, and I would like to thank them that,’ said Minister of National Education Dariusz Piontkowski. ‘This requires gaining new knowledge and making a step beyond the normal preparation for lessons,’ he added.

A call for applications as part of the ‘Remote School+’ programme is to commence on 15 May – another PLN 180 million will be offered.

  • The act of submitting the application will guarantee the payment of funds. You don’t have to wait to sign the agreement and receive the bank transfer in order to purchase the equipment. We will subsidise purchases made since 16 March 2020.
  • The applications must be submitted to the Digital Poland Projects Centre (Polish: Centrum Projektów Polska Cyfrowa).

Simple rules of the programme

  • A commune (gmina) purchases the equipment and lends it to students and teachers who need it the most. Once on-site lessons are resumed at schools, the equipment will go to the schools to be used by all students.
  • We will not impose any rules on the communes, e.g. concerning the parameters of the equipment. The funds they receive may be spent not only on equipment, but also on software and insurance, as well as mobile access to the Internet and accessories if necessary.
  • The programme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Operational Programme Digital Poland for 2014-2020.

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