Meeting of Prime Ministers of V4 countries with President of Egypt

Egypt is one of major economic partners in Northern Africa, argued Prime Minister Beata Szydło in Budapest on Tuesday. The meeting of heads of government of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia with the President of Egypt Fatah Al Sisi was the first organised by the Hungarian presidency as part of V4 cooperation.

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Photo: P. Tracz/Chancellery of the Prime Minister

The main topics discussed by the Prime Ministers of the Visegrád Group countries and the Egyptian President were new security challenges, i.e. combating terrorism and illegal migration. They also talked about the EU-Egypt relations, regional and energy security and economic cooperation.

Security in the region, combating terrorism and illegal migration

We expressed our appreciation and support for the stabilising role of Egypt in the Middle East and in Northern Africa. We are still concerned about the activity of the so-called Islamic State and other terrorist groups in the Sinai Peninsula and in Libya, said Prime Minister Beata Szydło. We believe that firm action is necessary with respect to terrorist threats and violent extremism, and to prevent illegal migration, she added.

Egypt is an important partner in monitoring and control of illegal migration. Our common challenge and responsibility is to eliminate trafficking in human beings and smuggling, stated Prime Minister Beata Szydło. She said that the heads of government of V4 countries appreciated Egypt’s efforts to thwart criminal groups and guarantee aid to refugees.

Prime Minister Beata Szydło emphasized that V4 countries supported the efforts of the Egyptian government to achieve sustainable economic growth, beneficial for all social groups. We encourage the Egyptian authorities to continue internal reforms and build an open and democratic society, she said.

Economic cooperation between V4 and Egypt

For all the Visegrád Group countries Egypt is one of major economic partners in Northern Africa, stated Prime Minister Beata Szydło. She said that Fatah Al Sisi was interested in development of trade and investment exchange with V4 countries which can help Egypt in i.a. its modernisation.

Current European agenda

The heads of V4 governments shared their conclusions from the discussion at the recent European Council and during talks accompanying the summit. We are determined to continue to speak with one strong voice in such fundamental issues as the reform of the European asylum system, dispute with the European Commission on relocation of migrations or the work on the freedom of posting workers and providing services on the common market, stressed Prime Minister Beata Szydło.

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