Meeting of Prime Minister Szydło and Poles living in the USA

I want you to know that your home is always in Poland. The Polish state will support you – Prime Minister Beata Szydło told the Polish diaspora in the USA. On Saturday, the head of the government paid a visit to American Częstochowa in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The meeting with her was attended by approx. 2.5 thousand people. Many of them carried white and red flags.

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Photo: P. Tracz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

We want you to know that we are one big Polish family and what connects us is Poland – the prime minister said at the meeting with the Polish diaspora in American Częstochowa. The head of the government attended a holy mass at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Częstochowa. She also did a tour of the Shrine and its surroundings.

During the speech for the Polish diaspora, the prime minister emphasised that Poland is in our hearts irrespective of where we live. All of us are Poles, because we were raised in the same tradition. She added that the government wants the word Poland to be associated all over the world with the most fantastic things and pronounced with pride.

Prime Minister Szydło thanked Poles abroad for their support. President Andrzej Duda and the government of Law and Justice have decided to deal with very difficult issues. We want each citizen, each Polish family to have a feeling they live with dignity. To make sure that Poland is a country strong with its values, its culture, a country which will radiate its love and care for citizens all over the world – Beata Szydło said. Only work and humility may be the best testimony to our actions – she assured.

Good change for Poles in Poland and abroad

The prime minister pointed out that Poland is changing for better, and her government has prepared an ambitious economy development plan. We have a great opportunity. If we seize it, Poland will develop faster, Poles will earn more and Polish companies will manufacture more – the prime minister said. The head of the government added that her government’s priority is to reconstruct the Polish industry, create jobs and support less affluent regions of poviat Poland. Furthermore, prime minister enumerated a number of comprehensive initiatives which her government implements to improve citizens’ safety. They include Family 500+ and the new housing programme.

Politics based on common good and values

We will consistently defend our interests – Prime Minister Beata Szydło said. At the same time, she added that Poland is an active country in the international arena, and faces numerous challenges. The prime ministers emphasised the need to build the community, dialogue and cooperation: Poland may show the world that it’s possible to think about politics in terms of common good based on values – she concluded.

American Częstochowa

The National Shrine of Our Lady of Częstochowa is the favourite place of the faithful who come as pilgrims from all parts of the USA. The shrine devoted to Mary run by Pauline monks in Doylestown is also called the spiritual capital of the Polish diaspora in the USA. Approximately 400 thousand people visit it every year. It is a place which resembles Jasna Góra in Poland to Poles who live in the USA. Here, an urn with the heart of a great Polish composer and statesman – Ignacy J. Paderewski – rests. In the vicinity of the Shrine, there is also a Pauline monastery, and a cemetery with a monument devoted to the victims of the Katyń massacre and an obelisk commemorating the Smoleńsk tragedy. There are also two busts: of General Władysław Anders and Primate Stefan Wyszyński. Doylestown is also famous for the monument of Ronald Reagan and Jennie Gowaty. The bronze monument commemorates participation of President Reagan in the Polish-American festival in 1984, during which he gave a speech to 40 thousand people.

Poles abroad – care and memory

One of the priorities of the current government’s policy is to take care of contacts with the Polish diaspora and repatriates, as well as to conduct a historical policy. Over 18 million Poles live abroad. The biggest group of them - approx. 10 million -  live in the USA, mainly in Chicago, New York and Detroit. Beata Szydło’s government wants the policy aimed at Poles living abroad to be implemented for the Polish diaspora, but, first of all, together with the Polish diaspora. We pay great attention to supporting Poles all over the world by means of all possible channels, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as Senate and Sejm. We help Poles who live abroad to be connected with the Homeland. We also take care of making better use of the intellectual and economic potential, cooperation of the Polish State with Polish communities abroad. We want Poles who live abroad to have a feeling of a constant bond and influence on what happens in Poland, and to be able to actually exercise the rights they are entitled to. Our priority is to promote knowledge of Poland, its history and tradition.


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