Meeting between Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz and young entrepreneurs from Kołbaskowo

“I’m proud of these young people. They are the showpiece of our country” – the head of the government said after the meeting with the young entrepreneurs of Freedomes from Kołbaskowo. The constructions of this company have been used in the latest Ridley Scott film, “The Martian”.

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Photo: M. Śmiarowski / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Kopacz pointed out that the entrepreneurs of Freedomes have taken matters into their own hands and developed a great business, and now are the leaders in their industry.

The head of the government pointed out that as part of Smart Development Operational Programme and regional operational programmes, approximately EUR 11 billion will be earmarked for research and development. What, among other things, will be subsidised in entrepreneurs’ research projects. We want to support those who have their ideas and are able to promote their own Polish brand. We are convinced that by exporting their products they will advertise our country in a perfect way – she emphasised.

Freedomes is a company which specialises in spheric structures for the needs of various events. It is one of the few manufacturers of such structures in the world. It operates throughout Europe, and often delivers its structures also to such distant corners of the world as Shanghai, Iraq, Yemen or Nigeria.

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