Let us be solidary, responsible and considerate of our seniors

Shopping Hours for Senior Citizens at shops, pharmacies and beauty supply stores, stricter epidemiological regulations at care facilities and nursing homes, and self-isolation for people over the age of 70 – these are the new rules introduced by the government to support the elderly, as presented by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. This social group is particularly vulnerable to the threat of coronavirus infection. For this reason, we call for special caution, adherence to the ‘disinfection – distance – mask’ principle and solidarity with senior citizens!

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Taking care of senior citizens

The elderly should be especially protected against coronavirus infection. This is why we are introducing rules that will curb the risk of infection, including the well-known Shopping Hours for Senior Citizens.

We are striving to stabilise the coronavirus situation and minimise the pace at which new cases emerge said the Head of Government.

Shopping Hours for Senior Citizens from 15 October

As of 15 October 2020, we are introducing Shopping Hours for Senior Citizens. From Monday to Friday between 10am and 12pm, only people above the age of 65 will be allowed to do the shopping at shops, beauty supply stores and pharmacies. This will make it possible to reduce the risk of potential infection.

However, this is not the only solution that will help us protect the elderly. In addition:

  • we will introduce stricter epidemiological regulations at nursing homes and care facilities,
  • we recommend minimal contact with people over the age of 70.

Multigenerational solidarity above all

Safeguarding senior citizens will not work without multigenerational social solidarity! Therefore, we urge you to provide help and support to seniors and lonely people. Everybody can join in by simply doing the shopping, purchasing medicine at the pharmacy or picking up a parcel at the post office.

We must be aware that the rules we are setting out are guidelines and recommendations that should be followed by senior citizens – it might save a life said the Prime Minister.

He also remarked that through multigenerational solidarity and adherence to the rules, we are protecting the health and lives of senior citizens.

The support system for senior citizens is based on the involvement of volunteers, grassroots organisations, local governments and the state. Non-government organisations and scouts include those who have joined in to help the elderly. The government will allocate PLN 38 million for nursing homes to ensure sanitary safety and support for their employees. Together, we are taking action for the safety of our senior citizens.

The 4 principles of safety – DDMA

Effective combat against the coronavirus involves following the basic rules of conduct known as DDMA:

  • distance
  • disinfection
  • mask
  • app (STOP COVID – ProteGO Safe)

Keeping a social distance of at least 1.5 metres, frequently washing and disinfecting your hands, and covering your mouth and nose are the main activities that make it possible to limit the risk of coronavirus infection.

The fight against the threat is also being aided by the STOP COVID – ProteGO Safe app. It is completely safe, free and voluntary to use. The more people use it, the quicker and more effectively we will limit the pace and spread of coronavirus infections.

#WspierajSeniora Campaign

We would like to remind you about the #WspierajSeniora (#SupportTheSenior) campaign. It is worth helping the people around you. At the time of epidemic, you can do it in limited contact with others.

How to help? – Four simple steps:

  • download the #WspierajSeniora poster (available below)
  • provide your contact details: name and phone number
  • print it out and…
  • hang it on your door, staircase or nearest poster pillar.

Wait for a phone call!

The way we handle the coronavirus epidemic is up to us. This is why we should be solidary and responsible for one another. Sometimes all you need to do is:

  • do someone’s shopping,
  • walk someone’s dog,
  • pick up a parcel at the post office,
  • purchase prescription medicine.

This small gesture can save many lives.

Join the support system

The institutionalised support system is based on local government action, including nursing homes. However, anyone who would like to get involved can become a volunteer. You may also volunteer at your local nursing home to help. A list of nursing homes is available at https://www.gov.pl/web/koronawirus/wolontariat.




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