Kraków: Prime Minister Beata Szydło at the funeral ceremony of the late Cardinal Franciszek Macharski

Prime Minister Beata Szydło participated in the funeral mass and at the burial of the late Cardinal Franciszek Macharski at the Wawel Cathedral.

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Photo: P. Tracz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

The funeral ceremonies of the late Franciszek Macharski began on Wednesday (2 August) in Kraków. The ceremony of last farewell to the former Metropolitan Bishop of Kraków on Friday (5 August) was attended by the representatives of state authorities, including Prime Minister Beata Szydło and President Andrzej Duda with his wife, Sejm deputies, senators, representatives of local government, archbishops and bishops, as well as crowds of the faithful.

Cardinal Franciszek Macharski – outstanding Pole and priest

Cardinal Franciszek Macharski was the metropolitan archbishop of Kraków in the years 1979-2005. His predecessor and friend was Karol Wojtyła. It was the latter, as Pope John Paul II, that ordained him a bishop in January 1979 and a cardinal in June the same year. For 15 years, Cardinal Macharski was a deputy chairman of the Polish Bishop’s Conference. The late Franciszek Macharski supported numerous charity initiatives for the sick, disabled, homeless, single mothers and elderly persons. On numerous occasions, he called for help for the victims of natural disasters, including Poles affected by the flood in 1997, victims of earthquakes in Turkey and Iran, or victims of war in Rwanda. Furthermore, Cardinal Macharski contributed to the development of the Divine Mercy cult (i.a. in 1998 he decided about the extension of the Divine Mercy Sanctuary in Łagiewniki) and his episcopal motto was “Jesus, I trust in you”.

In 2014, Cardinal Franciszek Macharski was awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta. He was also the laureate of the Order of the Smile. 

Cardinal Macharski was buried in the Kraków bishops’ crypt of the Wawel Cathedral.  

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