Katowice: Prime Minister launched the construction of scientific institutions

The Himalaism Centre is to make us aware of what great accomplishments have already been achieved by both Poles, and by young conquerors who want to pave further ways said the Head of Government during a briefing concerning the construction, equipment and maintenance of the Jerzy Kukuczka Himalaism Centre and Science Centre. Construction works are to commence in 2021. 

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Photo: Krystian Maj / Chancellery of The Prime Minister of Poland

The Science Centre means level-playing field in access to modern, non-school education of children and youth from various communities, and ensure development for particularly gifted students. As the Prime Minister has pointed out, the Centre will put emphasis on modernity. It is going to be an institution that will attract young people and entrepreneurs he said.

The history of mountain climbing, disseminated by the Jerzy Kukuczka Himalaism Centre, is to show young people the path towards success which is based on effort, fortitude, discipline and very hard work said the Prime Minister in reference to the aims of the Institution whose task will be to disseminate knowledge on mountain climbing and history of Jerzy Kukuczka and Silesian Himalaists. It is to show that we want to reach the highest peaks in Poland’s development said the Prime Minister thanking the initiators of the undertaking.

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