Jadwiga Emilewicz: we will pull together and come out of the crisis stronger

The Minister of Development, Jadwiga Emilewicz, announced that today the government would adopt the anti-crisis package to help employers and employees. It will be consulted with the opposition tomorrow.

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Photo: Adam Guz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

As Jadwiga Emilewicz explained, the government will provide entrepreneurs with tools which will enable them to keep hold of jobs. We have financial resources and we will do everything we can to prevent our economic blood system from stopping – the minister emphasised.

The state will add over PLN 2,500 to employees remuneration.

The Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy emphasised that the state would not run out of funds to subsidy workplaces. It is important to us that the members of Polish families are employed.

The Minister pointed out that the planned solutions pertain to, among other things, flexible worktime. Employers will be permitted to decrease the remuneration of employees by 20 percent and reduce their working time, but to no less than half-time. To that remuneration the state will add over PLN 2,500– Marlena Maląg explained.

PIT advances will be postponed by 3 months

The head of the Ministry of Finance announced that the PIT advances of employees will be postponed by 3 months. An application form for, e.g., remission of tax will also be prepared, and the application will be automatically submitted to the tax office. As Tadeusz Kościński emphasised, companies will be entitled to apply for the division of the tax into instalments, postponement of the term of payment and even complete remittance of the amount due.

The Minister of Finance underlined that in the case of the annual tax declarations (PIT) there will be no penalties if someone happens to submit the declaration after the deadline – until the end of May. A special fund for counteracting the coronavirus will also be established.

Simple forms for ZUS

The President of the Social Insurance Fund (ZUS), Gertruda Uścińska, announced that the Fund had introduced a simplified, single-page form of the application for the postponement of the term of payment. We are at the disposal of our entrepreneurs, contribution payers – the President of ZUS emphasised. As she explained, the period of contribution waiver will be regarded as insurance period.

She also emphasised that there already are multiple solutions for contribution payers and entrepreneurs in difficult situation, such as the postponement of the term of payment, division of debt into instalments or even its remission.

Companies will not be deprived of access to loans

The President of the Polish Development Fund, Paweł Borys, emphasised that Polish companies will have access to the crediting of business activity in relation to the difficult situation during the coronavirus outbreak. As he explained, these solutions are aimed at enabling the banking sector to introduce payment holidays or extend the existing working capital loans for companies. Paweł Borys also underlined that development institutions, such as Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, will offer loans with guarantee, subsidies for loans and increase of capital to companies.

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