Jadwiga Emilewicz: There will be a special act on the economy regarding the coronavirus

We are prepared to ensure entrepreneurs security during this harder time for the economy pointed out the Minister of Development during a joint conference with the heads of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Affairs.

Minister Marlena Maląg i minister Andrzej Adamczyk. 1 of 4
Fot. Adam Guz / KPRM

Jadwiga Emilewicz informed that at the beginning of the following week a draft act on the solutions concerning the economy in relation to the  coronavirus would be presented.

The government wants i.a. to improve the financial liquidity of enterprises. That includes primarily cheap loans and guarantees financed from Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego - explained Jadwiga Emilewicz.

A new method of loss settlement by entrepreneurs will also be introduced. Losses incurred in 2020 can be deducted from the tax that was due for 2019 - the Minister explained. She added that the government would also abolish the obligation to impose penalties for failure to comply with contracts concluded under public procurement. Penalties will not be imposed on contractors and subcontractors emphasised Jadwiga Emilewicz.

Minister of Family, Labour and Social Affairs Marlena Maląg said that employers who are in a difficult situation related to the spread of coronavirus will receive support from the Guaranteed Employee Benefit Fund. The financing will apply to those companies the turnover of which will drop by at least 15%. The Minister added that if the need arises, the employers will also have the possibility of applying to the Social Insurance Institution for payment of their contributions in installments or their cancellation.

Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk said that in case of the absence of customers, the transport companies that maintain international bus lines will have the possibility of suspending them without harm to themselves. The Minister explained that transport is among the industries most significantly affected by the epidemic.