It will be easier get things done in a civil registry office

Electronic registration of the registry office documents, the possibility get married outside of the office and simplifying some procedures. These are only a couple of proposals of the new law on civil status.

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Electronic registration of the documents

It is a facilitation for officials and citizens. Certificates of birth, marriage and death will be registered in an electronic registry. That means that the citizen will be able to apply for and receive the copy of the document at any registry office. The application can be sent on-line without the need of going to the office. The copy of the civil status document can also be obtained in an electronic form.

The electronic registration of civil state documents will be performed from 1 January 2015.

What about the paper documents

Implementation of those changes will be possible thanks to the IT system. This is where the register of civil status documents will be maintained. The paper documents will be transferred to the system gradually.

Facilitations for future marriages

Thanks to the new regulations it will be possible to get married outside of the office. Please note, that all non-standard costs associated with performing the ceremony (e.g. arrival of the head of the registry office, remuneration for overtime work) will have to be covered by future spouses.

Simplifying the procedures

The new regulations will simplify some procedures, among others:

Filing the copies of documents in the offices

Thanks to the fact that heads of registry offices will have access to the electronic database, it will no longer be necessary to submit copies of documents in the offices. That means savings, as the fees were charged for the copies.

The end of court proceedings

Shorter time of proceedings on corrections of civil state documents basing on other documents. The court rulings will be substituted by proceedings before heads of registry office.

More information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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