Head of the Chancellery of Prime Minister on supplying medical staff and services with personal protection equipment

Thirty-one million medical masks, 28 million masks with filters, 17.5 million pairs of disposable gloves, over 1.5 million protective suits and 1.8 million goggles, glasses and visors - these are data from merely the last 10 days, referred to by the Head of the Chancellery of Prime Minister during the conference held jointly with the Minister of Health.

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Fot. Adam Guz / KPRM

Mr Dworczyk emphasised that for the last 10 days, in accordance with the recommendation of the Prime Minister, the government has been actively replenishing the stock of personal protection products by purchasing them in China and other countries. He underlined that the equipment and personal protection products are being delivered to health care facilities.

Mr Dworczyk also announced that another 300,000 coronavirus tests have been purchased through the Industrial Development Agency. He added that simultaneously to the intervention purchasing action and search for equipment, the government – at Prime Minister’s request - has begun „building the capabilities and competencies within the scope of the production capacity of basic personal protection equipment for health care workers and all services working in the forefront of the battle against the coronavirus”. As he added „in June, the production capacity should reach 100,000,000 pieces per month”.

Mr Szumowski announced that last week warehouses issued over 7,000,000 masks, more than 2,000,000 gloves, 400,000 litres of disinfectant, 500,000 HEPA masks; in addition, the Ministry purchased almost 1,000 ventilators.

He added that today a regulation was issued under which each hospital will have the right to test its employees for COVID-19, and the NHS will cover the costs of testing patients and doctors. Mr Szumowski also emphasised that the contents of the regulations will be adjusted to the current situation every week.

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