Free e-books for downloading at 300 libraries in Poland. Czytaj PL! campaign is underway

300 free e-book libraries appeared on 1 October in the streets of the biggest Polish cities. At each of them, a reader may borrow one out of 12 books for one month. It happens as part of Czytaj PL! [“Read PL!”] campaign, co-organised by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Free e-book libraries

Czytaj PL! is the first campaign of this type in the world. What will be transformed into e-book libraries is public transport stops in:

  • Kraków,
  • Gdańsk,
  • Katowice,
  • Poznań,
  • Warsaw,
  • Wrocław.

Free e-books - how to download them

In order to borrow a book, you need to download Czytaj PL! mobile application from App Store and Google Play, and then scan the QR code placed on the poster next to the cover of a given book.

The e-books will be available free of charge on the smartphone or tablet for 30 days. Only one book can be read at a time – downloading another book is tantamount to returning the previous one to the virtual library.

Czytaj PL! campaign

Czytaj PL! campaign lasts from 1 to 31 October. More information can be found on

The event is organised by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as part of the National Readership Development Programme.

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