„Family 500+”: prestigious European award for Beata Szydło’s administration

The Government received an award of European Large Families Confederation (ELFAC) for eminent achievements in conducting pro-family policy, in particular the „Family 500+” child benefit scheme. Providing support for Polish families is one of the priorities of Prime Minister Beata Szydło’s administration.

VIII European Large Families Conference in Riga, Latvia

The „500+” scheme development and launch was a team work. The whole government identifies with the scheme said Prime Minister Beata Szydło during a Family Week celebrated in mid-May. The work bore fruit. On Friday, the award granted to the Polish government during the VIII European Large Families Conference was collected by Elżbieta Rafalska – the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy.

While collecting the award Minister Rafalska pointed to the fact that, during the time of aging societies it was a priority to extend particular care over children raising families. The Minister briefly described the „Family 500+” scheme to the audience. She underlined that the aim of the scheme was to ease the financial burden of child raising to a family. The scheme was also intended to encourage the Poles to have bigger families. The „Family 500+” scheme is a turning point in the Polish social policy, as it provides financial support for parents and creates environment to facilitate a decision about conceiving children said Minister Rafalska during the VIII European Large Families Conference in Riga, Latvia.

European Large Families Conference

European Large Families Conference (ELFAC) was formally established in 2004 as a confederation of Large Families Associations across Europe. The Confederation represents more than 50 million European citizens who belong to nearly 9 million of large families. The objective of the Confederation is to represent the social and economic interests of families with children, in general, and large families in particular.

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