Expert debate on civil dialogue in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister

On 2 October (Monday), a meeting of the civil dialogue expert group was held in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. The group’s members discussed such issues as the concept of the Civil Dialogue Council and current challenges concerning the participation in public policy creation.

Photo: Archive of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister

The working meeting of the civil dialogue expert group was held as a part of preparations for the National Programme for Civil Society Development Support. The topic of the meeting was the concept of the Civil Dialogue Council, which was established as a part of the Strategic Roadmap of Civil Sector Development in Poland.

Works of this group is another phase of a debate concerning the need to create new quality and efficient civil dialogue solutions that has been running for many years. At the current level of social and economic development of Poland, such solutions as tripartite dialogue realised through the Social Dialogue Council do not meet the needs and the ambitions of many social groups who want to participate in the shared decision-making process related to the fate of the country.

The main task for the planned dialogue institution is to ensure conditions for respecting law, with particular focus on common good, activities for realisation of the principles of partnership, participation and social solidarity, as well as participation in creation of public policies and strategies. It is to complement the existing forms of dialogue, such as the Public Benefit Activity Council, the Social Dialogue Council, the Joint Commission of the Central Government and Local Governments, the Joint Commission of the Government and the Episcopate, etc. The author of the working concept is the Thematic Partnership 13 of the Strategic Roadmap, which pursues activities for the broad participation of citizens in law creation and establishing public policies, as well as strengthening the role of organisations in social and civil dialogue. During the meeting, the experts discussed the objectives of the presented concept and the creation of a working team that will then make the project of the establishment of the Civil Council Dialogue operational.

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