Eastern Partnership as a Polish Success in the EU

Prime minister Donald Tusk participated in the First Eastern Partnership Summit in Prague. The summit, attended by EU leaders and 6 Eastern partners, was an official inauguration of the Partnership, an initiative created by Poland and Sweden. "Today is a very successful day for Poland in the European Union, as the whole Union has praised the Polish initiative. What one year ago was just an idea, a mere entry in the conclusions drawn by the European Council, has today become an official project of the whole EU and six partner states", said Radosław Sikorski, the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Summit participants signed a joint declaration at the end of the meeting.

The Eastern Partnership aims mainly at speeding up the process of political association and continuing the economic integration of the EU with its partner states: Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Belarus. One of the initiative assumptions is to create a huge free trade zone, another to liberalize visa requirements. Radosław Sikorski stressed that in the nearest months the Eastern Partnership would be reflected in practical terms in the European Commission's projects. The European Council has assigned € 600 million to be used by the Partnership until 2013. It is quite certain that the program will be further developed within the next financial perspective. "This program is good for the whole EU, and carried out in accordance with the long-term goals of our foreign policy, particularly our policy in the East" - remarked the minister.


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