Deputy Prime Minister Gliński appointed the Council for Dialogue with the Young Generation

On 7 October the Chancellery of the Prime Minister hosted the ceremony in honour of appointing the Council for Dialogue with the Young Generation.

Photo: Adam Guz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

The new body, founded on the initiative of the Deputy Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Public Benefit Committee, Professor Piotr Gliński, consists of 24 representatives of youth NGOs, youth gmina councils and Students Parliament, as well as 11 representatives of public institutions (including the President of the Republic of Poland, the Prime Minister, government administration, local government units and the Commissioner for Children's Rights).

In his opening speech, Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Gliński emphasized that we bear witness to a historical moment, because for the first time in the history of Polish public life an institution has been founded whose objective is to facilitate dialogue between the highest state authorities and the Young Generation of Polish People.

Once the members of the new body were presented with their appointments, the Council proceeded to hold its first meeting, during which it elected 2 of its co-chairmen. Those were: Piotr Wasilewski (representing NGOs) and Piotr Mazurek (representing the government and local governments). The Council also discussed ideas for its first initiatives.

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