Debate on the “Crossroads of Modernisation”

The head of the government participated in a discussion on the opportunities and challenges facing Poland in Europe. The debate was held in Dom Polonii in Warsaw on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the publishing project entitled All That Matters.

Premier Mateusz Morawiecki stoi przy mównicy w tle flagi. 1 of 8
Fot. Krystian Maj / KPRM

In the context of Poland’s development, the Prime Minister emphasised the role of increased tax revenue. Over the last 3–4 years there has been an increase in revenue by PLN 100 billion the head of the government said. This is the »Holy Grail« which – partly found – serves us today for economic development the Prime Minister explained.

Mateusz Morawiecki stressed that it is wrong to believe that the state apparatus should regulate everything, but the lack of state support policy has led to the weakening of many areas of public life. He said that this happened, e.g., in the case of Polish rural areas immediately after the collapse of the Polish People’s Republic.

According to the Prime Minister, Poland does not want to be a country ownedby the foreign world, although at the same time it highly values advanced technological capital. We believe that modern industrial policy is the cornerstone of the new economy the head of government stressed. It is also worth focusing on exports that attract foreign savings and at the same time do not bring Poland into debt he added.

The head of the government stressed that at present Poland is not ready to adopt the euro. In the case of large development gaps, as between Poland and Germany, it is difficult to recommend integration into the single currency today, because it would be a risky experiment said the Prime Minister. He added that it cannot be ruled out that Poland will join the euro zone in the future. At this point, however, it is very important that we maintain our currency, because in times of crisis this will give us the opportunity to react in an appropriate way the Prime Minister explained.

Mateusz Morawiecki stated that right now the flow of services is hindered in the European Union, among other things. The EU should not be treated as a supermarket. While French, German or Dutch companies are enjoying full freedom in Poland, our entrepreneurs face many obstacles when they start to gain competitive advantages said the Prime Minister. The services sector, which has not been “communitised”, is moving backwards he explained.

The participants in the debate Crossroads of Modernization included professor at the Polish Academy of Sciences and editor-in-chief of All That Matters Michał Kleiber, history professor Andrzej Chwalba and sociologist and professor at the University of Bremen Zdzisław Krasnodębski and others.

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