Communication from the Social Committee of the Council of Ministers’ meeting of 16 July 2019

“The activities of the Social Committee of the Council of Ministers show that social affairs and improving the quality of life of all Poles are our government’s priority,” said the Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Gliński, the new head of the Social Committee.

Photo: Adam Guz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

“Good Start” programme

Social Committee adopted a draft act on the “Good Start” benefit which provides for payment of a one-off benefit of PLN 300 for school supplies based on the act. It is to highlight the importance of this programme in family policy of the government which wants to even pupils’ opportunities and relieve households’ budgets before the new school year.

Support for the disabled

Social Committee read the information from the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy concerning the draft act introducing support for persons who are unable to function independently. According to the members of the Committee, a responsible government is obliged to support the most vulnerable citizens.

Development of volunteering, support for volunteer firefighters and the report on the national action plan for employment

Social Committee read the information concerning the draft act providing for governmental support for voluntary fire brigades for the implementation of tasks related to fire prevention. As the Minister Elżbieta Witek pointed out it is the effect of the governments’ appreciation for volunteer firefighters’ activity.

Social Committee read the information on the governmental support programme for volunteering and recommended the ministers to undertake cooperation to promote the concept of volunteering. The Committee adopted also the 2018 report on the implementation of the national action plan for employment and heard the information on the dialogue institution with the young generation.

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