Social Committee of Council of Ministers meeting summary

Each family law reform is to serve children and families in the first place. We introduce good changes, i.a. in the form of immediate maintenance, improving protection of the youngest against violence and through the development of mediation said the Deputy Prime Minister, Beata Szydło.

Quickly and in a simple way

The Deputy Minister of Justice, Łukasz Piebiak, presented the amendment of the Family and Guardianship Code and of other acts, the aim of which is, first of all, to improve the situation of children who should not suffer the consequences of the conflict that arose between their parents.

Through the simplification of formalities, the establishment of immediate maintenance is to take place within several days in payment-order proceedings for maintenance. Currently, cases for the establishment of maintenance often last for moths.

One rule of all

The amount of maintenance is to be determined in accordance with one principle. Each year an amount will be announced that will allow for determination of the allowance depending on the number of children in the family. The project provides for an alternative way of obtaining payment through a maintenance order, which will determine the standardized amount.

Child’s welfare comes first

The project introduces a free of charge family inquiry proceeding. It is to precede divorce and separation proceedings of spouses with children who are minors. Mediators will play a major role here as they arrange the conditions of divorce, custody over children and maintenance amount. The proceeding will not apply to cases where a spouse commits domestic violence.

Shielding children from violence

The new law will also allow the state authorities to immediately respond to information of children being harmed. Family courts will be obliged to notify the public prosecutor's office of cases launched ex officio for restriction or deprivation of parental authority when the child's welfare is suspected to be at risk.

Guarantee of rights for both parents

The new provisions are intended to protect a parent’s right to contact with their child, provided that they fulfil their maintenance obligation. The law must be fair and equal for both father and mother.

The impact of the 500+ Programme on labour market

The President of Central Statistical Office (GUS), Dr. Dominik Rozkrut, presented information on how the 500+ Programme affects the situation on the labour market. The GUS asked Polish people about the influence of the programme on their professional lives. 95% of respondents claimed that the programme had no direct influence on their activities taken on the labour market said the GUS President. The study shows that the most frequently indicated change among the people who have taken any activities in this area was take-up of employment and beginning of searching for a job. At the same time, the implementation of the Family 500+ programme had a significant impact on reduction of poverty among children and improved the situation of households in Poland.

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