Communication after the meeting of the Social Committee of the Council of Ministers

The Social Committee of the Council of Ministers familiarised itself with the work schedule and discussed the recommendations related to projects included in PiS’s New Five. Our activities focus primarily on Polish families. The schedule which we have adopted sets an ambitious pace of work which aims at changing Poles’ lives in a meaningful way said Deputy Prime Minister Beata Szydło.

Introduction of 500 plus programme for every child constitutes one of the solutions proposed under PiS’s New Five. Starting from 1 July, all families with at least one child will be entitled to receive this benefit, regardless of their level of income. This benefit will be paid out to all families which file a relevant application. The project is to be finalised by mid-March, when it will be submitted for social consultations. The expected date of its entry into force was set at 1 July 2019.

The Pension plus programme, under which every pensioner will be entitled to receive additional PLN 1,100 each year, is also planned to be introduced. Funds are expected to be paid out under this programme already in May. The draft related to this additional benefit has already been prepared, and the planned date of its entry into force was set at 1 May 2019.

Another pro-social activity consists in restoring the previously closed down bus connections. Over the past dozen years or so, the number of bus connections in Poland was halved. Gminas and poviats will organise tenders for the provision of local transport services open for every carrier. This programme is expected to enter into force in April-May 2019.

PiS’s New Five includes also:

  • abolition of PIT for workers under 26 years of age – this tax relief will cover all workers under 26 who work based on an employment contract / a contract for the performance of specific task,
  • reduction of labour costs by raising the tax deductible expenses and lowering PIT for all employed persons.

The cost of the entire New Five package will amount to ca. PLN 40 bln. The resources to finance all programmes will come from extra VAT and CIT revenues and from curbing the underground economy.

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